Ɲøʀƙɨɑ (flag) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Stuff For Sale is back!

I've finally taken the time to revise and remake my permanent sales post with up-to-date stock, new prices, new items and plenty of freebies (with purchase)! If you have a pending commission with me (which I have been working on- I've just run into some personal crud that's been keeping me from working on them as frequently as I'd like ;_;) I will combine with no additional shipping charge as long as the weight/bulk doesn't go over. :D

Items include premade custom bell plush, custom Rufflet and Braviary items, figures, kids, zukan, and more!

I've gotten lots of items recently and have plenty more on the way! But until my camera's shutter button is replaced (and I dislike having to use my phone to take pictures), take a gander at the MPC world champions of having big enough wingspans to hug things. :D

BATTY BAT BAT! <3 While Braviary is my favorite of this gen, Swoobat is such a joy that I'm so glad it's a flying type (and owned by Skyla) so I could justify buying things of it here and there- including the adorable MPC!
Tags: braviary, sales, swoobat
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