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Small Collection Update! <3

I was in a photography mood earlier, so I decided to take some photos of my collections that have had new members join in! :D

The shelf that houses a lot of my main collections... Bats, Zigzagoon, and froggies.

The bats! Everything is here EXCEPT for my custom Crobat plushie... He didn't fit in the clear box, so I guess I'll have to keep him out and dust him often. :c
Can you see the recent additions? All thanks to GIN!!! Many batties in many colours! :D She also surprised the heck out of me by sending a Crobat Menko! <333

This little figure is SO cute! ...and they gave him blazing red eyes. XD

Ziiiiggggy!! All items I own are here and sitting cutely. :3

I FINALLY got the Zigzagoon TOMY figure! Mint in box, but I took him out because he was lonely... Figures are made to play with, and I saved the box, anyway. :D Thanks for you help, flag, it's all thanks to you! ♥♥♥

Lower on the shelf are the frogs, who I adore as well... From here you can clearly see the tragedy of Edward, the Toxicroak who is missing his left leg. I guess you should of listened to everyone before you committed a taboo!

I don't collect Drifloon, but this figure is SO adorable! It looks like he's silently blowing in from a breeze. :3

Wonka, the Drifloon was bought yesterday while desperately searching Toys R Us with my dad for a Crobat or Shinx JAKK's figure. I guess it wasn't a complete loss that I didn't get them...

Across the room are the electrical monsters! :D
I'd say my Elekid collection is complete and I am very happy with it! I recently acquired a "holy grail" item, the Elekid keychain you see hanging up there! I've been dying for it on Y!J for months, and all of a sudden it appeared on eBay while searching for Butterfree items... hmm? Well, I don't care, I'm just happy to finally have it!

Thank you Gin, he is ADORABLE and feels right at home with us!! :DDD

Also, a reminder! The Shaymin Auction ends tonight / early hours of the morning! :3
Tags: bell plush, collection, croagunk, crobat, drifloon, electabuzz, elekid, golbat, toxicroak, zigzagoon, zubat
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