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Dragonite has arrived!!!

There's been some talk amongst members about the recent Dragonite pillow plush sightings on ebay, particularly the one in the picture below. Since there was multiples of them, there's been some concern that these could be bootlegs. For the well being of all collectors in this community (and maybe because I just love Dragonite so much XD), I decided to take a gamble and get one of these  plushies even though I have an original pillow plush (he's seen his better days) just to compare the two and see if this is the real deal. Pictures and my thoughts under the cut!!!

So as you can see, he did come in a lovely plastic bag that was completely sealed shut (had to open it to assess him), so that was a good sign. His Pokemon tag is exactly the same as an old one I have and is copyrighted for the year 2000 (just like the original plushies)

Seeing this brand new Dragonite reminded me of the good old days when mine was brand new! He's so chubby and happy!!!

I carefully reviewed and compared the new one with my older Dragonite and can honestly say I find no structural differences between the two of them. The only thing that makes them different is the love they've seen. I really think this is a legitimate plush and the seller just somehow has a large stock of pillow plushies that they are just now selling. My suggestion? Get your hands on one before they're all gone!!!

The one on the right is of course my much loved Dragonite. Below you can see the difference in their fabric (the loved one is the one on the left in the picture below).

I'm actually considering reselling the new Dragonite, depending on the interest in him. But it will be on ebay considering I do not have selling right on the community yet. And my asking price will be higher than what is currently on there considering the current seller is far underbidding him/herself. Again, my suggestion to any collectors who have wanted a Dragonite and have been holding out, get your hands on one ASAP before they're gone! 
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