Amanda (nefhithiel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

An exciting auction win

Munchlax friends plush <3 I never expected to find this guy on eBay. o_o I did have to outbid someone for it, if you are a community member I am sorry. ;_; Hopefully you can find another. n_n Paid a little more than expected, but not what I thought was too much money. Also from the same seller I got a catcher sized Darkrai for a nice price. Tagging along with shipping is good too. :D

So now I have this one and a Pikachu Friends plush on the way from Gin. I think I want to get the Dratini friend and the Snorlax one too. Maybe Darkrai, but every picture I have seen, it just looks a little... sad. ._. What do people who own the Darkrai friend think about it?

Also I have a slight confession to make. x3 Pikachu and Munchlax are my 'guinea pigs.' If there is a certain line of toys or whatever that I am not sure about simply from photographs, I will get a Pika or Munchy first and then decide if I want to find the Snorlax, Dratini and Darkai. Pika and Munchy are pretty easy to find and no matter what I will love them because they are my top favs. <3 So as an example, I got a Pikachu bell plush because I wasn't sure about them (some looked funny in the few pictures I had seen) but when he got here I totally fell in love. <3 Does anyone else do this? :P

Also lets make this a picture post! Post pics of your friends plushies! :D

Also how big are these guys? I know they're small. I'm imagining like a little bit bigger than bell plushies.
Tags: munchlax
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