Keep it real folks (cyritic) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Keep it real folks

Pick ups finally open!! ^_^

Hello community finally I will be doing another pick ups since my finals are all over XD So are you missing the old canvas plushies that now new canvas plushies has been released?  Well then you come to the right place get one for a decent price than any other place you could find ! These canvases prices are skyrocketing everywhere ebay and YJ so don't miss your chance :) Not to mention pokdolls like lapras and snorlax and there is also new items added to pick up mostly BW japanese pokedoll so check them out :D !

To reserve a spot you must pay first however If you could let me know when you could pay and work it out I will reserve a spot for you. :)

- Canvas plush in stock : Raichu, Drifloon, Vulpix, pichu. will be $33 SHIPPED 
                                             Growlithe, dragonite, lapras, shaymin (land), Riolu, Jirachi, Ampharos will be $26 SHIPPED

- Japanese re-release Pokedoll : Lapras, snorlax, Tokegkiss,Cresselia,Delibird, Pichu norched ear $36 SHIPPED

Japanese release pokedoll BW : snivy oshawott pokabu victini muna chillarmy axew scraggy litwick emonga 3 monkey tiro pokedoll- $26 SHIPPED
Japanese release big pokedoll BW : Zekrom , Reshiram pokedoll - $52 SHIPPED
Christamas trian plush : Pikachu , Oshawott , Chubchoo Audino - $36 SHIPPED

-All payments go to: don't forget to include your username and what you bought in the memo please <3
-Sales permission 07/20/11 by dakajojo
-Ship from Korea to Worldwide
-Feedbacks as a seller and a trader here
Tags: audino, axew, cubchoo, delibird, dragonite, drifloon, growlithe, litwick, oshawott, pikachu, pokedolls, raikou, reshiram, scraggy, vulpix, zekrom
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