amandajo567 (amandajo567) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I've been a snoop

And happened to come across one of my presents a bit early! Whoops
But come on, Mom wasn't exactly hiding it well~

+W+ I cannot wait until my birthday/christmas. XD!
But before your just like, 'okay, so you got a dragonite. And he is in a box...' BUT let it be known- I did not buy this dragonite. This dragonite has been one of my grails for the longest time. I simply found this dragonite's amazon listing and forwarded it to my dear sweet mother who didn't know what to get me this year. Now, I didn't really think she would buy it because shes always the one who doesn't like my plush... But look at what I found!! <333 Not that it was hard to find XD I basically walked into our guest room/junk room looking for something and saw it. It wasn't out in the open like this -I dragged it out- it was in the closet peeking through. +W+ I don't know about you , but the color orange stands out pretty well. ;A; I'm so happy. There really must be a Santa.

I know there was just a post about these new dragonite pillows popping up on ebay (They are on Amazon too! Same seller I believe) It looks pretty real to me and I suggest going and getting one before they run out! Such a deal! X3 This has just made my week! I keep wanting to just sneak in there and take it. I mean, I've already seen it and know its my present. Just let me have itttt XD I just had to share my joy! ;o; None of my other friends like pokemon this much. After Christmas when I can finally get this bad boy and compare it to my new Pokedoll, there will be a big collection update! I never thought I'd own a dragonite pillow plush and a dragonite pillow pet at the same time. So yeah. That's my brag of the week. Anything Pokemon you know your getting this christmas? (even those from yourself) :3 I'd love to hear!
Tags: dragonite, plush
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