Alexandra (xxxandra) wrote in pkmncollectors,

BW Card Collection Auction, lowered sales prices

Hey all! I've decided to part with the remainder of my Pokemon cards - all of my BW series! I'm putting them up for auction as a set! They are all in amazing condition and come in the Reshiram/Zekrom binder.

There are 440 cards including:
55+ Rares
3 Ultra Rares
13 Promos
4 Unused TCG Online code cards

Pictures and a more detailed breakdown after the cut! Please have a look! :D

Terms (Sales Permission granted June 2010 by former mod lineaalba.)

I ship from Ohio USA.
Fees and shipping are not included in the price.
Pet friendly, no smoke home.
Probably not looking for any partial trades, but maybe if it is Pikachu/Oshawott (or ponies!!!!! xD)
Bidding starts at $75.
Auction ends December 16 at 10PM EST.
All community rules apply, no sniping, etc.

I have also lowered prices on my sales post from earlier this week! Feel free to take a look and haggle. I want this stuff goneee!

Tags: auction, banpresto, jakks, kids, plush, sales, tomy
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