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Awesome Early Christmas Gift.

This will probably be a very short and the point post but im just uber happy. :)

So today my friend and I exchanged christmas gifts for the first time and I wasn't sure what he had got me...

Sorry for the poor quality. I took this pic with my phone. 

So when he handed to me my gift at first I thought he got me a cd... which to be honest was effy about. haha But any who the gift was wrapped in this super old but cute looking pokemon wrapping paper. So I unwrap my gift and surprise it was a cd case.. with a hand drawn Dratini pic and a note. But when i opened the case.. My face lit up and I could not stop smiling. 

here are better pictures 

Pretty awesome gift wrapping.

Its so beautiful!!!!

But, Yes he got me a Light Dragonite card. I collect Dragonite cards and this card has been on my wants list for awhile. I was pretty surprised that he got me this especially since I never hinted to him that I wanted one. Any who that is pretty much it. I got him a squishy fastball and a small Gengar plushie.. which I think he enjoyed since he loves Gengar and what not.  This seriously made my day.

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