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Smallish gets and Palpitoad goodness

Here's a group shot of my November-December gets. <3 The holidays make shopping for yourself difficult. XD
Look at those epic Jigglypuffs in the back!

More photos and details under the cut!

The majority of this is from shiningmew, though the adorable clearfile is from dewott, and the rest are customs. I got my first ever clear Kids! They're so neat. And THAT BONSLY STRAP. I've wanted it for months and, as luck would have it, it STAYED in shiningmew's sales until I could finally get it. Still so happy. XD PALPITOADPALPITOADPALPITOAD ahem. More on that later. The Pichus have been slowly accumulating for my boyfriend, and originally the Wobbuffets were too, but... now I've fallen in love with the blue blob of cute. orz So we share that one, I guess. XD

I know the Kirbys aren't Pokemerch, but I couldn't resist including them. They're so precious. I'm so excited to finally own a Kirby plush, and especially one of him in flying pose. ;w; SO FAT.

Customs-wise, the beautiful bottlecap keychain is from acciolucius and I highly recommend them. <3 The adorable sleeping Politoed figure, box keychain, and sticker are from Cinibunny, who I also recommend!

This is all that I got from her! I commissioned a sleeping posed Politoed figure based on a sketch she did and it's soooo cute. ;w; I also commissioned a blue frog DS stylus, which is something else she makes as well. The keychain and sticker were thoughtful freebies. ♥

Here's pictures of all of the keychain, which has a compartment for storing small things to take with you, as well as the sticker. She drew in the box. It's so cute. XD

THIS. This is the box I got my stuff in. Can you say cute? I'm keeping it. XD

A 'toed in the hand? :D But seriously, he fits in my hand just perfect and looks like he's dozing away. THE CUTE, IT HURTS. Think I'm gonna name him Torpid, Tor for short, since Torpid is 1. inactive or sluggish. / 2. slow; dull; apathetic; lethargic. / 3. dormant, as a hibernating or estivating animal. AND Tor is a book publisher. 8D Double meanings FTW.

Playing around a bit. XD Not a great photo though.

I really recommend Cinibunny's stuff, and she does custom orders of all kinds of things. I already linked it, but just in case it was skipped over, her Etsy is here! It's a bit sparse as far as pre-made items because she's still getting it set up, but she can give you examples if you request them. :3 She can also do a concept sketch for you, or make a figure based on your own design. I guarantee they'll all be as cute as my 'toed. XD

TIME FOR MY DARLING. I've fallen so hard in love with Palpitoad it hurts. I knew the Kid was going to be cute, but oh man, I was not fully prepared for the actual cute. It is faaat. I've been pining after one of these sweet things since they came out but I really didn't want to spend the new release price on it. ;n; *cheap when it comes to Kids* I was finally able to get one thanks to shiningmew's sale. Eeeee ♥ I NEED A PLUSH SO BAD. Come on, March, gimme my MPCeeeeee.

In case you can't tell, Palpitoad is my newest hardcore collection. I need moar.

The boyfriend's Pichus! They haven't won me over yet, unlike Wobbuffet. Pichu's adorable and all, but Politoed is far superior. *shot by 'chu lovers* So yeah, just thought I'd show them off since I neglect them in my updates considering they're not exactly mine. XD He's also got the TOMY and a gashapon strap, but they're with him. Anyone know what the tiny Gizamimi that can't stand up on a pillow is?

WOBBUS. It's ridiculous how fast I've come to ADORE this little guy. Again, my boyfriend's also got a Christmas charm and... an unidentified figure, but they are at his place. I love the big 'ffet in the back. ITS TAIL MOVES. I keep playing with it. I am mentally 5. orz That Kid is sooo happyyy and all YAY LET'S GO! Or likes to punch things. One way or the other. AND I JUST REALIZED I FORGOT THE KEYCHAIN I HAVE. DX I put it on my mini Christmas tree and forgot to take it off for the photo... XD Oh well, you'll see it in the quickly approaching photostory.


See? Told you it was quickly approaching!

Be advised this one is really simplistic and not as amusing as my other ones, but I just really wanted to make one with my Palpitoad. XD I hope you can still enjoy though~♥

And for some fun I made a little toedem pole:


I would've had the lights on my mini tree lit up for all of this, but... they won't turn on. D:< I don't know how all the bulbs can be broken at once so I am perplexed.

Signing off now with a holiday wish from Nathaniel Cutetwig himself!♥

Tags: bonsly, collection, custom, figures, kids, palpitoad, pichu, politoed, turtwig, wobbuffet
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