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leftover cards + Advanced Generation bobblehead sales

Hey everyone, just a quick sales post! (sorry I've been posting so much lately, I swear I'm just getting it out of my system haha)

This is for the remainder of the Funskool cards, now 1/2 their starting price, and 3 rare Advanced Generation Bobbleheads. Feel free to haggle, I want them gone. Shipping will be $1 for the cards within the US, $2.40 international, $2.40 for anything non-flat.

I was granted sales permission on 11/18/2011 by dakajojo. :3

Anything bought here can be combined with my permanent sales post (where you will also find my rules in-detail):
Prices have been reduced for almost every item in my permanent sales.

Gyarados - $3

Magikarp - $4

Fearow - $2

Victreebel - $2.50

Wigglytuff - $2.50

Kingler - $1.50

Jirachi AG Bobblehead (Mint Condition) - $5

Deoxys Advanced Generation Bobblehead (Mint) - $8 Sold!

Celebi Advanced Generation Bobblehead (Mint) - $5  Sold!

Tags: butterfree, cards, celebi, deoxys, fearow, gyarados, jirachi, kingler, magikarp, marowak, omastar, sales, squirtle, victreebel, wigglytuff
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