Lauren (citrusfied) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Seeking random plush/tomys(bootlegs fine), and L Snivy shirt!

Bigger picture for this -
and Snivy shirt-

Yeah so hot topic ran out of my Snivy shirt D: I'm seeking a females large for it.

Also, above those are all the tomy figures, and plushes i want left, almost done collecting then posting a collection update^^
btw that's the 2009 totodile canvas plush.

For tomy figures, im really wanting the ponyta, togekiss, latias,latios,caterpie,houndoom,vulpix,togetic, umbreon, murkrow,spheal, gastly,
lumineon,vaporean, eevee, magikarp, kabuto, and any of the listed black and white figures.
I'd prefer to buy these in a group, and some bootlegs are okay depends on which species it is, and prefered the paint job is okay.

Tags: wanted
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