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card wants! and pokédoll rarity/price check?

Hello all! I'm looking to complete some Japanese sets. If you guys have any of these cards, please post with how much you're looking for.
I also have a lot of Japanese and English TCG and other items for trade if we can work a partial trade. =3 sales post here
I am looking for Japanese, 1st ED only (for L1, BW1, BW2, BW3 cards) and mint!

BW1 Zoroark SR
BW1 Pikachu UR [Black Collection only, not from White Collection]
BW2 Victini SR
BW3 Mewtwo EX SR
BW3 Hydreigon UR
BW3 Zoroark UR
BW3 Emboar UR

L1 Ursaring [Uncommon]
BW3 Swadloon C
Reshiram BW-P Promo [Holo]
Zoroark BW-P Promo
Zoroark BW-P Promo [Holo]
Druddigon BW-P Promo
Emolga BW-P Promo
Pikachu BW-P Promo [Holo]

Also, the Japanese DARK RUSH expansion is coming out this weekend! EEEE!
I am going to be looking for multiple copies of this Darkrai card:

If you get any extra that you would like to trade or sell, please let me knowwww!!!!


Also, I'm actively on the lookout for a Regigigas Pokédoll with tags to place with my Darkrai, Shaymin and Cresselia Pokédolls (I feel like they should be grouped together XD.)
How rare is it to get one/how much would the price for one be? o-o
Tags: cards, wanted
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