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collection update and sales update!!

First off, I finally created a permanent sales page on my LJ and even a banner!! Click the banner and come check it out and all the new stuffs I added!! :D

Alright, some new stuffs in the past couple months, let's check them out shall we??
First, let's say hello to Derpvine! You will see him later in the post, but I had to show off his lop-sided derp eyes! I love him though <3

My Pokemon Diamond and Pearl boxset! Been wanting to get these for a while, and glad I waited to get the complete set! The box is cute! Minum!! It also comes with a mini poster.

Another side of the box.

Love Shaymin on the top!

All the books spread out.

Raichu canvas!! Thanks to [info]cyritic!! Never thought I'd own one of these, knowing what the going price is. Makes me super glad that these got stocked in Pokemon Story^^

The final evo tins came out and I knew I had to get ONE for now (the others will come later...) So I went with Sammy!

I was really disappointed that it didn't come with any Noble Victories packs :( Still, I did get some good stuffs! And the figure is beyond awesome! Kaiyoodo <3!!

Yay I finally found Series 3 B&W Jakks! This was all I had so I grabbed them both! Dewott's little feet are soooo cute!!

After seeing the prices soar for these Victory Cup cards, I figured 1st Place would be the pricest to get later on so grabbed it off eBay! Still need 2nd and 3rd Place, but those for some reason look slightly hard to find 0_o I guess more people wanted to sell off their 1st Places...

I then went back to the Target that had Series 3 stocked and grabbed Derpvine and Scraggy!

One last trip, and Pignite was there! Haven`t seen him for sale since, and it`s been restocked several times. He`s not very symmetrical, but I love him just the same!

Had to share this! I remember not long ago, someone took a pic of all the Pidoves shoved in a box as the leftover plush... Here`s a box full of Munnas! Geeze, you really start feeling bad for them both though :p

Yay sale on the figures!! I had not seen Deerling for sale prior and well, definately want Dewott (already own Sandile though...)

Some very cute figures!

The last of the Jakks plush that I could NEVER find! It was on Amazon for $10 and I needed to fill in something for free shipping and he did just that! I`m glad to finally have him, and now I`m caught up with my Jakks plush wants, until Series 4 comes :p

The last of the B&W figures that I`ve been wanting! Caught up with these too now :D

Very cute... even though Scraggy`s a little derp since both halves of his head don`t quite fit together and have a bit of a gap :p I also couldn`t for the life of me get the little plastic stand up his butt! Circle-shaped plastic do NOT fit into hexagonal shapes very well, Jakks >_>

A friend of mine recently went to NYC and was going to be in the Nintendo World Store area, so I made a little list of older PokeDolls I was wanting... I already had some Skymin plush but no Landmins, and glad I got him! So cute and super soft!

Arceus was the next one I decided on! I never realized how big he was as a PokeDoll, but very awesome!

My last one was the grumpy Lugia! I had just watched a video on a bootie unboxing off Youtube, and decided that I wanted the real thing. I could NOT believe how soft this guy was! OMG!

My updated manga gets! Yeah, really behind on Adventures (and still mad there's no plans to continue it as of now v_v) but I'm up to date with Black and White! I honestly like them as mini volumes^^ Just nice quick reads!

One of my local import shops got in some MPCs and only for $12 each! I've been waiting for them to come down in price, being smaller plush and all. I want to get MPCs of plush that probably won't be made as PokeDolls/Tomys/etc, and here's one example: Karrablast! Ever since I caught one in the game, I have LOVED the little bug and been wanting his MPC since it was announced! This thing is adorable and requires lots of huggles (his arms outstretched like that just BEG you to hug him!!)

My Victini movie goodie bag! I'm done a fan of Pokemon dubs (especially the newer ones), so didn't go watch it, but bought it from [info]meguroco. It's mainly for the giant card which you can't buy otherwise, and the AR card^^ The jumbo card though, really is awesome!

And now for a bit of a surprise... Months ago, I bought the Liepard card from [info]donny9 and had it go MIA... I've already had the post office lose/steal things otherwise, so I was disappointed that my kitty didn't come in :( Then yesterday, it appeared in my mailbox out of nowhere! The package had "seamail" written on it, which I guess the post office decided to ship that way themselves? 0_o I wondered why everyone else got their kids from the same pickup in a timely matter! Yes... seamail... Liepard came to North America the same way real domestic kitties did :p I'm sure glad to have her now though^^

And that's all for now!! Signing off, here's Derpvine one more time :p
(Those eyes! And yes, normal ones do exist, this one's just special^^)

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