Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

my goodness

i shall update the community on the status of my collections which include various species of toys. but first...

upcoming events!!
-looking for a new mod! oho! one to organize and beautify the community and its layout. sound like the job for you? begin to prepare your resume!!

-charms!! AAAAAAHHHHH!!! charms claim post will be up some mysterious time this week. the rules will be very strict, if you do not read all of them before commenting, i will know! until the post goes up, please do not ask questions or ask for a special slot to be held for you ahead of time. you know who you all are! i've got my RAI on you!

now here are the updates of some of the raichus.

how is this even possible anymore when he is getting no new goods at all...

i'll save the cooler thing for last. though this is pretty cool. a korean raichu pencil toppper!!! took me two months to actually have it shipped to me though.

i think he also came in red and blue, as you can see there are others in the series that are those colors. woe is a completionist!!

i do have this gorgeous poster. i got it a while back but never photographed or posted it. oh, it is beautiful and cute.

i might have completed my raichu ponjyan tablets collection. hm, that is maybe kind of boring to everyone but me.

THIS is the coolest thing.... :D look what i finally have my hands on....

okay, it's not the actual settei sheet in my hands, but a book that had a scan of surge's settei!! AAAAAH!!!! it's a great book in and of itself, but BEST PART! and that's not all:

it is surge's little staffers XD


how about a couple non-electrics for you???

no really, it's only a couple.

MY SPRITE FIGURES TEEHEHEEE!! okay, i was only going to keep cheren but.... i just have this secret love for N... maybe all of us do to some extent? he was such an interesting character... i had to keep him, even if just in the shadows behind my warglies.

and how about this update to my weasels?! sleepy minky mienfoo -- is she not the most precious baby you ever did see! ;_;

i hope to have a very large weasel collection, even if it means i need to let go of a few other non-electrics...but i have never been so taken with non-electrics as i have been with mienfoo and mienshao. they are too beautiful ;_;

finally, my dilemma!

i recently was able to acquire a second of the the most rare raichus to ever rai this raichutastic raichu world...RAICHU VON POKEMON'S BROTHER!!!

but not unlike my other german made raichus, he is ever so slightly different from my other one...?

his fur is lighter (not a sunfaded sort, either) his yellows are brighter on his ears and lighter on his cheeks. he is also a bit taller to the original's fatness, and his mouth's shape and color are ever so slightly different. obviously he is in need of some restorying to his loved fur... i'll take good care of him! but then what? is he ANOTHER SPECIES... or just an alternate version? how were these raichus made? why were they made? when? they both have the "CE" tush tags but no other information besides both came from germany. WHY DO THE GERMANS LOVE RAICHU SO MUCH? are they just wiser than the rest of us as to who is the most best pokemon??

so many questions, so many raichus.
Tags: custom, figures, mienfoo, people, raichu
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