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Hello community!

Today I bought some Evolution/Zukan figures, and ended up with very nice ones (but still no Dialga, since there was only one from the Dialga edition).

Firstly my favorite, Misdreavus/Mismagius Zukan!

It's so beautiful, I know my girlfriend will love it, since Misdreavus line is one of her favorite Pokemons!
Also, can't resist that cute Misdreavus face omg. <3

Next up is Eevee/Leafeon/Glaceon Zukan.

I have to say that this is the most non-derpy set of these three I've ever gotten. Glaceon is bit derpy but it looks better than most Glaceons I've seen. :o
I don't really need this zukan so it's up for straight sale for $22.50 shipped anywhere! Comment if you would like to buy. :3 It's MIP btw. SOLD!

And the third is Buneary/Lopunny Zukan.

This is very cute, but I don't really like these two at all or even collect them. If anyone wants it, straight sale for $10.50 shipped anywhere! I opened this to see them better!

Just in case I need to say this; Sales permission granted by dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011. <3

Happy holidays!
Tags: buneary, eevee, glaceon, leafeon, lopunny, misdreavus, mismagius, sales, zukan
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