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collection update, trades and small sales update!

Hey guys! me again :D

firstly, got some new things to show off! Wont you join me B: (NEW GIBLES AAAA)

FINALLY, thanks to rgmusashi, I have the gible papercraft! This thing has eluded me for SO LONG! But finally it is mine <3

look what hebilea game me for christmas! ;A; I was squeeing so much when I opened this...seriously, thank you SO much! <333 hopefully yours arrives safe and sound <3

check out these amazing pins by drag0n_aura ;A; MY ICKLE BABIES <333 These are now permanent residents to the gibgib shelf B:

thanks to tamago226 for this stupidly rare Raichu AG retsuden stamper! <3 I love artwork of raichu in this pose, so cute B:

and auserIcantrememberthenameofIMSOSORRY for the raichu mighty bean and coin! <333 

and finally, I bould a diorama off of well known miloascot10 (shop name miloascot 4 pokemon on ebay), and was extremely dissapointed, cos when it arrived not only was the boxed taped with brown tape and in terrible condition...

but scyther is missing his wings! :C I was so sad when I opened this...it was a present from my mum though and she had already left positive feedback :C oh well! I shall have to attempt to make new wings
secondly, I have a small sales update! Includes deluxe banpresto zekrom, custom gible hat and more!

Click the banner or this link to be transported!

and finally, I have a list of POKEMON CARDS I have up for trade! includes meta cards, primes and all sorts!

here we are guys! took me a while but its done! All divided into sections, however doesnt include normal holos and such just yet! Thats coming soon...however if youre after a specific pokemon don't hesitate to ask!

4x Donphan prime
3x machamp prime
2x gengar prime
1x houndoom prime
1x espeon prime
1x tyranitar prime
1x feraligatr prime
1x absol prime
1x kingdra prime
3x mew prime
1x electrode prime
1x ampharos prime
1x lantern prime
2x scizor prime
1x feraligatr prime (promo)

Reshiram FA
Tornadus FA

Legend halves:
Rayquaza deoxys bottom x3
Kyogre groudon top
Dialga palkia top

3x beartic (sheer cold)
2x thundurus
6x cleffa (2 reverse) please specify preferred set
3x tyrogue (1 reverse)
4x jumpluff (1 reverse)
1x cinccino
5x emboar ability (3x reverse)
1x jirachi UL 
1x jirachi (reverse, CoL)
2x hydreigon
2x chandelure
4x zoroark (BW base set)
3x blastoise UL (shard)
7x vileplume (4x reverse)
3x reuniclus
1x zekrom (BW base set)
1x weavile UD reverse
1x sharpedo Triumphant
3x dodrio UD (1x reverse)
3x gothitelle ability EP


14x pokemon communication (6x HGSS, 8x BW including 1 reverse)
6x professor juniper
8x copycat ( 1x TRR, 2X Expedition, 1x dragon frontiers, rest are HGSS/CoL)
7x judge
4x pokemon collector
9x PONT (1 reverse)
4x sages training
13x eviolite (2x reverse)
9x N
5x interviewers questions
2x xtransiever
10x professor elm;s training method ( 2x unseen forces, 1x dragon frontiers, rest are HGSS/CoL)
10x fisherman (2x aquapolis)
4x rare candy (one pop 8, one ex emerald, 2 HGSS)
12x double colorless energy (8x HGSS, rest are base set/base set 2)
12x seeker (3 reverse)
6x junk arm
5x twins (2 reverse)
10x black belt (2 reverse)
1x lost world (reverse)
4x cheren
6x dual ball (1x delta species)
1x ex emerald reverse dark energy
2x ex emerald reverse steel energy
4x max potion

xX HGSS picture energy (please inquire)


Pikachu * (edgewear)
Kyogre * (edgewear)
Registeel * (played)
Mudkip * (scratches)
Shining steelix
Shining tyranitar (edgewear)
Raikou SL9
2x Ho-oh SL5
Dialga SL2
Drifloon SH1
Ponyta SH11


Absol G lx x
Mesprit lv x
Tangrowth lv x
Mewtwo lv x
Arceus lv x (ominiscent)
Arceus lv x (meteor blast)
Arceus lv x (psychic bolt)
Staraptor fb lv x
Machamp lv x
Drapion lv x
Gardevoir lv x
Regigigas lv x
Rayquaza c lv x
Snorlax lv x
Honchkrow lv x
Hippowdon lv x
2x blaziken FB lv x
Leafeon lv x (damaged)
Lucario lv x
2x Infernape lv x (promo)
Charizard g lv x (promo)
Giratina lv x (promo)
Mewtwo lv x (promo)
Lucario lv x (promo)
Garchomp c lv x (promo)

Pikachu 27
Unown J 38 (damaged)
2x Mewtwo 14
Pikachu 4
Misdrevus 39
Jigglypuff 7 (damaged)
Mew 8
Team rockets meowth 18 (damaged)
Surfing Pikachu 28
Pikachu 26
Moltres 21
Zapdos 23
Articuno 22
mewtwo 3
Dragonite 5

Ex series
Mudkip 10
Suicune 30
Celebi 29
Flygon (WINNER stamped)

DP series
Magnezone 32
Venusaur pokemon rumble
Cherrim pokemon rumble
Ninetales pokemon rumble
Starmie pokemon rumble
Gyarados pokemon rumble
Bibarel pokemon rumble
Ratatta pokemon rumble
Bastiodon pokemon rumble
Diglett pokemon rumble
Lucario pokemon rumble

Porygon HGSS22
2X Shuckle HGSS15
Wobbuffet HGSS 04
Tepig BW02
2x Ducklett BW17
Zorua BW12
Pansage BW11
Torterra shard holo
Victini NV prerelease
Tepig mcdonalds
Oshawott mcdonalds
Blitzle mcdonalds
2x Munna mcdonalds
Sandile mcdonalds
Snivy mcdonalds
Zorua mcdonalds
Audino mcdonalds
Klink mcdonalds
Pidove mcdonalds

2x base set blastoise (one damaged)
2x dark charizard
1x neo discovery politoed
1x neo discovery kabutops 
1x brocks rhydon
2x erika’s clefable
1x koga’s beedrill
1x giovanni’s Persian
1x misty’s tentacruel
1x base set 2 venusaur
1x dark blastoise (damaged)
1x base set clefairy
1x dark golbat
1x dark magneton
1x dark vileplume


2x 2005 battle road rayquaza
1x mcdonalds e reader bulbasaur
1x Michina shrine Arceus movie pack
1x collection challenge movie giratina
1x pokemon rumble zapdos
1x battle road 2008 pikachu
1x movie 8 registeel
1x entei ex non holo team magma half deck
1x team magma’s groudon (team magma half deck)
1x time space distortion (damaged)
1x GB great rocket’s mewtwo
3x Tag! Trainer Picasso promo
1x professor elm’s training method legend battle reward
1x phanpy HGSS release promo
1x mewtwo battle tour 2009 
1x meowth 7-11 promo
1x battle tower commemoration rally promo
1x CD promo venusaur
1x southern islands vileplume
1x information pack dunsparce WITH POSTER AND PAPERWORK
Trainers mag vol 15 slowpoke, slowbro and slowking set with envelope
Trainers mag promo smeargle with envelope

1x miracle energy (neo destiny)
1x evil crobat (neo destiny)
1x evil donphan (neo destiny)
1x evil houndoom (neo destiny)
1x evil scizor (neo destiny)
1x evil espeon (neo destiny)
2x aerodactyl (neo revelation)
1x starmie (neo revelation)
1x kingdra (neo revelation)
1x porygon2 (neo revelation)
1x raikou (neo revelation)
1x houndoom (neo revelation)
1x celebi (neo revelation folder promo)
1x misdreavus (neo revelation)
1x magneton (neo revelation)
1x ursaring (neo discovery)
1x smeargle (neo discovery)
1x azumarill (neo genesis)
1x togetic (neo genesis)
1x slowking (neo genesis)
1x ampharos (neo genesis)
1x base set alakazam
1x base set nidoking
1x blaine’s moltres (gym)
1x rocket’s zapdos (gym)
1x koga’s ditto (gym)
1x koga’s beedrill (gym)
1x evil arbok (rocket)

if interested in anything (or if you just want to take a look!), I have some wants lists here:

I will also trade anything from my sales towards these! :D

well, hope everyone is having a great holiday season, and thanks for reading! <3333333333 LOVE YOU ALLLL

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