Rai-chan (rainyan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mysterious flat GA shipping payments + sales update + a whale

The lot has arrived, and many of the items are even prettier than I imagined! You will like them for sure ^^ So, it's shipping payments time!

Please note! Apparently many of you missed the first payment post, so for those people I have combined the first and the second payment. So only pay the second payment! I will haunt you if you miss this one too.

All payments to lore_poke @ hotmail.com !
Please include "Mysterious flat GA" and your username in the memo.

Also, the last chance to combine items from my sales:

I have updated both my $1 sales and permanent sales with lots of new items, so please have a look! Lots of flats and figures and a couple of lots. Haggling is always allowed, too! Help me get these out of my hands, my parents are getting angry because my room is always such a mess x3

$1 sales


Also, have another whale even though everyone has been posting theirs... I finally found a decent-priced one on Y!J so me and my boyfriend bought it together as a Christmas present. And we love it so much. <3

Going to sleep now, I'll answer everything in the morning~
Tags: group auction, sales, wailord
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