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A Merry Pokémon Christmas!

Got a couple new things in the mail today I wanted to highlight in a collection post holiday special, of sorts. :)

Under the cut is my Pokemon Christmas collection in detail!

I'll start out with the item that just came today.

These are some string lights, American in origin, from 1999, that I bought second-hand off eBay! They're pretty bright, and kind of large and unweildy, really. xD If I want to hang them up, I'm going to have to literally staple them to the wall I think.

Pokemon included are:

Pikachu! Who would have guessed? ;)

EEVEE!! Ahh so cute!



Charmander, very cute!

And here's a photo with the lights turned out. These were really an impulse buy, but I got them very cheaply, and they are even cooler than I thought they were, so no regrets here! ^_^

Next up is a Pokémon Christmas 2005 bag! I am trying to get one of everything released with this artwork. I know I am missing a plate, got outbid on that months ago and haven't seen another since. Why do I collect this line of merch?

Three guesses! ;)

This is a mini memo pad inside a little handled container.

This is what the back looks like, it has a Crhistmas cookie motif.

The notepad itself. I love Lucario so this is like an extra treat!

It alsoooo came with this adorable page of stickers! Lots of never-before-seen art here.

Pokémon Christmas 2005 mug! Mint condition, I got it in its original box and everything. Even the box is a work of art, really, I can't believe I didn't photograph that. But it features the same art as on the mug, it's just a really nice, sturdy, colorful box suitable for display.

The back of the mug with cookies and Lucario.

This is really the pride of joy of my Christmas collection- the complete set of 1998 plates! These are amazing and beautiful and very rare. I was lucky enough to find a mint, complete set. Each plate is actually very small- about the size of a saucer. I was surprised when I opened my first one!

A closeup of the Arcanine pulling Pika-Santa's sled. Cuuuute.

A cute, albeit confusing scene of a bunch of Pokemon playing in the snow.


My favorite plate <3 This is a wonderful plate, and very sought after, because it has several very popular Pokémon on it. :) I think Raichu and Growlithe look nice in a scene together, all that orange and stripeyness!

Closeups of my favorites from this set. If you see something that looks like a crack on these, it's a strand of fake fur, haha. I work in fake fur fabric a lot, so it's always everywhere and I never notice until the photo's on the computer.

Another piece of the 1998 collection.

It's a phone card featuring the Arcanine art! I'll bet one exists for all four of those illustrations, and I really want the one with the Growlithe on it!

And now for what was in the teaser shot at the beginning... Something beyond cool!


I've been wanting one of these for a while, so I went ahead and gave in and I'm very glad I did! This is great!

The figure is made of satin-finish PVC and is pretty large for a figure, at 5.5 inches tall (not counting the tree tail).

The ornaments and fake pine stuff are all permanently attached.

Ornaments feature Pikachy Squirtle, and Charmander. Yet again it seems poor Bulbasaur gets passed over again! I would be quite indignant if I were a grass collector. But no matter! I love this tree all the same! I don't know if I can put presents under it, but I might put Slowbro on top of the presents. :3

I know I'm going to get a lot of people asking how I found it, so here's some information to get you started. I found it on Y!J under Pokemon Christmas (ポケモン クリスマス)and it was made by TOMY in 1998. Happy hunting if you decide to go for it!

I also have a regular-shaped Pokemon Christmas tree coming, I'll update this post when it arrives, but for now, I really wanted to get this online! ^_^

Hope you enjoyed this look at Pokémon Christmas, and if you have any of my wanted items from these various promotions, I will throw lots of earth monies at you!
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