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Card Trades - Full Base Set - Old Theme Decks - Sales Soon - Pokedoll Question

Hi, Everyone! ^^

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-My feedback thread can be found here - Link and Link

I have spent the last couple weeks organizing and listing my available cards for trade and my card wishlist. It is almost complete (available is missing my 1st editions and Shadowless and I haven't completely finished my wishlist but the majority is up there). SO! I am looking for trades. :D I'm also willing to sell cards listed there, but I'm mainly looking for trades. Replies might be slow because I have a busy weekend ahead of me, but I will try to reply asap. If you are interested in trading, please link me to an image of the card(s) you are interested in. It would also be helpful if you can let me know which cards you have I might be interested in. Thanks. ^^

Available for Sale/Trade: Link
My Wants: Link and Link (for cards not listed/pictured on site)

Really loving the organization that site allows. If anyone joins because of this journal, please mention my user name. ^^;

Cards I am especially looking for (preferably in English if card is available in English):

CoroCoro Shining Mew (only available in Japanese)
Mew Prime
Glameow Holo Promo
Any of the Eevees, Houndooms, and Houndours listed on my wants list.
Jungle Holo Flareon
Here Comes Team Rocket (holo and non-holo) - Link and Link (two different versions)
Victini - Normal Sized TCG Card 2 Card 3
N - Reverse Holo Card 2 Card 3
Base Set Charizard in any language except English, Italian, and Dutch. And any of the Base Set Charizard reprints (Legendary Collection, Best Collection CD, and Stormfront).
Celebi and Zorua Jumbo Card
Shadow Lugia Jumbo Card

(I also love cards in alternate languages besides English and Japanese)

Will also be looking for cards from the new card set releasing this week in Japan.

I mentioned this before, but I wasn't ready to put my Base Set up for auction at the time. I'm ready now. I'm gauging interest in a complete set of 102 cards from English Base Set TCG set. Some are 1st Edition and Shadowless. I can make a list of those if anyone is interested. If there is enough interest, I will most likely run it the week after Christmas. Or, (because the possibility was mentioned before) if anyone wants to GA it, I'd be willing to work that out. I just want to be able to ship the cards as a lot instead of individually.

Also mentioned these before -

They are in near mint condition. You will be receiving everything except the holo card and the TCG coin. The coins will be sold separately since I am keeping two for my collection and some of the holo cards will be available for sale/trade. I'm thinking of pricing them at $10, but I'm not positive on that. Thoughts?

I plan on having some sales before winter break ends. I'll have a Squirtle bath plush-toy thing, a Spiky Eared Pichu Pokedoll, and some old school TOMYs for sure.

And, a question, I saw that new Pokedolls have been released in the US. Does anyone know if Cinccino has been released or if/when it will be? Also, if anyone gets information on when Epcot will be stocking the new plush, please let me know. I tried calling them yesterday and gave up after being on hold for 20 minutes. I haven't really been frequently PKMNCollectors as much over winter break so I might miss the announcement journal if someone gets the info on Epcot. ^^;

And....I'm (kinda) looking for this charm -

Image taken from lampent
(Possibly the Houndour that matches)

And a Houndoom pin. Not the round button one, but the full-bodied pin. I haven't seen a pic of one but I have a Houndour pin so I imagine there must be a Houndoom one out there somewhere.

And, as always, I'm looking for a Houndour Pokedoll, but I'm looking to get it for less than $40, and I doubt that'll happen. ^^; It's one of the two things I really want to Christmas (the other is the CoroCoro Shining Mew card linked at the beginning of this post).

~ Risha
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