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Pickups for glowing keyholders!

Hello there everyone~!
I'm currently arranging a small pick-up for some cute (and rare?) glowing keychains!
Each of them will be $9 shipped everywhere~

(Yes, one of them is that glowing Mew from my previous post :3c )

First of all, rules:
>>My general rules for sales can be seen here. You can buy stuff there with the keychains without paying extra shipping fees too *v*
>>I have sales permission granted by [info]dakajojo on Nov 18. 2011.
>>I'll only collect payments after I've successfully picked up your item ;) And paypal only please!
>>Please pay within 72 hours after I've got your items though, or I will have to leave you a negative feedback :U

And here comes the photos!

"What are you holding in your hand, Mewtwo? Is it something edible?"
"No. It's an Aura Sphere for fighting against...you."

"My tummy hurts ;o;"
"There, there. Have a kiss and you'll be okay!" *chu~*

As you can see here, They're actually semi-transparent! 8D
And yes, they do glow in the dark! I failed to take a proper picture showing how they glow though, it was too difficult. This is the best I can do ;v;
More photos available here!

As stated above, each of them will be $9 shipped everywhere! And there's a $1 discount for each extra keychains if you decided to get more of them.
So just comment below if you want one! I'll do the pick-up this Sunday (18/12) Tuesday (20/12), so don't ponder for too long >v>
Last time I went to the shop(which is about a week ago), there were 5 Mews, 4 Mewtwos, and 2 for each Pikachus available. Since that shop doesn't seemed to be selling their items fast, there should be at least that many of items available next time, no worries :3

And while those above are glowing soft keyholders...I can also do pick-ups for some really old-school looking ones (which doesn't glow =v=) too:

(Photos found on various websites. More photos here!)

Last time there were Chansey, Eevee, Vulpix, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mew, Charmeleon, and Ivysaur available! There's one for each Pokemon except for Eevee. (I think they may have some other Pokemons from the Base Sets of soft keyholders)
Each of these will be $7.5 shipped! Pickups for these will be on next Saturday (24/12)~

And I got myself a Wartortle:

Looks pretty good expect for the weird colors, isn't it~

And last but not least, I have some old Mew stuff for sales too:

$3 for Mew Kids, and $2 for mini Mew diorama and talking Mew! (Glowing Mew is for size comparison =v=)
These are used items, but are still kinda clean~
Talking Mew is running out of batteries now, and cannot talk very well >v> But it's still kinda cute isn't it More photos here!

You can take them home with the Mew keyring without extra shipping fees~ And of course you can combine shipping with items from my previous sales post of clipping figures and chou gets)
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