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A quick pre-christmas update

I was going to put all this in with my Christmas update, but with everything else coming in shortly, there's going to be far too much for one update. XD
So, without further ado, I excitedly bring you my recent gets.

Just. Oh my gosh. I'm so delighted Australia got Series 2 Jakks plush just in time for Christmas. Someone out there is certainly granting Christmas wishes. ♥
I bought Deerling (affectionately named Bambi) for my daughter, the rest have been wrapped up for my next update. ;)
Unfortunately, she loves it to bits, I don't see it staying in good condition for long. (Good excuse to buy another one)

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of this one by itself - my rather large Snivy plushie! ^-^ Won him from a local crane machine.
I'd seen a few pictures of him, previously, online. But he's so much better IRL. He's my perfect little snuggle plush.

And finally, the start to a new collection - Bandai Friends plush. They're so tiny and perfect, the detail on Entei is quite outstanding.
The seller also included a free bottle holder, which doesn't really hold the drinks I like (pepsi) very well...No matter.

That's all from me. I hope you enjoyed my little update. Ciao. :)
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