nanoplasm (nanoplasm) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Grail Got! And canvas, pixel/dot art offer soon

1:1 Zorua arrived today!

Owww, someone isn't happy that he's no longer the king of the Zorua pile.  Sorry for the poor picture quality as I took the it with my dinophonosaurus. ^__^"

The 1:1 is not all plush stuffing, there is a big rod of some sort in him that keeps his head upright.  So he's a lot heavier than he looks. XD

For those of you didn't know I collect Zorua plushies, you should check out the following links. ^__^

Along with the 1:1, I've also received more canvas and pixel/dot art goodies, clear files, PokeCenter X-Mas charms/wooden ornaments/plushies, and lots of Battrio (I am stocking up for the next visit to Japan so I can nerd-binge in front of a secluded Battrio machine). >_<

I will post exactly what are available this weekend (along with the latest Banpresto/Tomy pick-ups), but please feel free to put in early requests. =)

Pricing reference:
Canvas $21 shipped to US.
Clear files $9 shipped to US.
Pixel dot phone strap $14 shipped to US.
Milotic and Swablu cord clips $16 each shipped to US.
Wooden X-Mas ornaments $17 each shipped to US.
X-Mas plush $32 each shipped to US.
Battrio base on market price on Y!J

Now if you will excuse me, I got a find a perma spot for the 1:1 =P

BTW, if you want a 1:1 of your own, there is a slightly used one here. ^_^

Also, anyone still interested in these? XD

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