knoka (knoka) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New gets update + happiness!

I'm so happy I have received 2/15 bought plushies!

I'm so happy I had to share! Also I now have someone in Japan who is nabbing me the Liepard MPC (aka Reparudasu)!! I'm super excited. If everything goes right I should be receiving her in 3 weeks!!!

This beaut looks like; 

I cannot wait to be in possession of her!!! The moment I unwrap her my I will post a picture!!
Huzzah the FIRST Liepard plushie!!!!

Also my buys from Dtrain4eva and Usakochan came in <3

I'm honestly a bit disappointed in the Ho-oh, she's not a minky, her head and body is bigger than the Lugia counterpart and she cannot sit on her own without almost falling. However her back tail is cool and I love her still!!

The vulpix is outstanding! I absolutely love her. You can't see it but beneath her cute little nose is a smile!!! <3 I love the minky canvas dolls!

Tags: ho-oh, liepard, lugia, plush, vulpix
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