white_chocobo (white_chocobo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

2 questions about TFG figures :)

Hello! maybe this has been ask before but would love ot know:

1.- I just notice that some tfg figures have a star or circle in the base next to the pokemon name, and the other has another number, is this because some are usa edition and the others europe or japan editions? also, i think the star and circle are from common and rare, but not sure, what is it exactly? and the other simbols.

2.- Usually the the next quest figures are sold between $4-$5, but the first edition figures? how much more are they valued? $6-$7? just curious about it, i mean, it's the same figure but i like the 1st ed logo :) besides, some are more neat.

Thank you!! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!! :D

Tags: figures
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