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Black and White Sales! :D

Finally! Some sales! I'm selling off my entire collection of Black and White merch plus a little something I made a while ago.

Click the banner or the cut to be transported! :)

Sales Permission given on the 18th of August 2011 by denkimouse
Prices DO NOT include shipping OR Paypal! Unless otherwise specified
I'm open to trades HOWEVER I have very few wants. My wants are as listed in order of priority: Raikou Clipping Figure (~$10), Legendary dog Keshipoke Series 8 and Series 10(~$5.00 each), 17 cm Entei by branpresto (~$20), 17 cm Suicune by branpresto (~$20), Canvas Leafeon (~$60-$80), Charmander Canvas

First up Plush. All are MWT:

Zekrom and Reshiram Large Pokemon Center Plush $35 each or $60 for both

Pokemon Center Plush $10 each Cottonee Pokedoll $18 SOLD: Zoroark

Takara Tomy Victini $25 Branpresto Purrloin $20

All Jakks plush are $8.00 each

On to the figures:

DX Tomys still with tag: $18 each or $30 for both. DX Jakks figures: $10 each or $18 for both Regular jakks: $5 each or $8 for both McDonald's Toys: $3 each $5.50 for both

Close ups:

All Jakks figures are $5 each. McDonald's Figures are $2.50 each Bottlecap figures: $5 for tepig $10 for Victini Zekrom Reshiram Pins: $1.50 each $2 for both (Reshiram's is broken off but can be easily fixed) Zoroark Zukan (no base): $5 Zorua Zukan (no base): $3

Got left out XD still $2.50 (works)

Now Misc stuff:

All tins include the card and are $10 Keychain on Tepig's Tin is $3 SOLD: Oshawott and Snivy

Zorua/Celebi Giant Card: $10 SOLD

Last up we have a handmade by myself Jolteon Sculpture! I'm looking for around $10 shipped. Please give me some offers! He needs a loving home!!! SOLD

That's it for now! :) Thanks for looking!

Tags: reshiram, sales, zekrom
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