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B&W Talky Plush hitting the UK

Hey guys, long time no see! My local stores have been extremely slow with getting Black & White merch in (lots of places have had Kids for a while) but my local department store which has... never seen a glimpse of Pokémon suddenly has this huge section. Kids, Tomy plush... and...

Talky Pikachu! While I'd never seen one of the Japanese release, it was exactly the same size/fabric as the Snivy and Tepig I have seen. And most convincingly, the side of the box advertised the starters, although this store only had Pikachu.
But it's safe to say that they'll be around!
...Not sure if this is already known news or anything but hey.

I'm going to try and make myself more active on here soon, starting with a huge sales and weeding post heading your way in the next few weeks!
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