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Massive collection update pt.1 and story time!!

Hey there guys! Yup, that's right, I'm FINALLY doing a collection update!! I've decided today (as I sat bored in my home) that it is time to start making an update. So this will be part one of two collection updates. Meaning this one will have a lot of my collections, main and side, but also exclude a LOT of things I own as I'm not debuting them as collections until I receive a few more packages. :3c So that mass of plush you saw earlier in my teaser post, is going to only have a partial (lot of it, but not al) portion of the plush shown in this update. Alas, I'm done with babble, so on to the collections!!

Also, to explain, I love, and I mean LOVE plushies, they have been a dear thing to my heart since I was younger than 4, and so most collections of mine, I work from getting all the plushes, on to the flats, figures and other misc. items in my collections. That is why you'll see more plush, than other items in my collections. :)

Starting off, my main collections.


When I first joined this magical group, my minccino collection was only a fraction of what it is today. This was my original Minccino collection photo.

And this is what it has grown to now:




The bag with Pikachu on it, actually has pink print pictures of Chillarmy playing with Pikachu c:

The Chu line

This is a rather extensive thing to collect, as they have waaay too much merch, but I tend to focus on special ones and then move slowly inward on the basic ones that I personally like/still need.

My chu line Plush:

Other Chu items


I can't tell any of you what it is, but whales are just adorable. They make me smile inside, and so do the whales of the Pokemon world! So Here is my started collection of Poke-Whales! 
I gained two grails in this collection, one being the wailord pokedoll, and the other sailord. Sadly, before I learned of ectransfer, I bought a Kyogre from him, which is a bootie, with no hang or tush tag! (The large kyogre)




Honestly...who DOESN'T like pokedolls? xD

I am proud to own the US Lapras Pokedoll and the Minky JP Lapras Pokedoll

Pokemon Canvas Plush

I personally think, that almost all of the canvas plush are some of the best, if not the best, plush of almost every single Pokemon I've seen made into them. For this reason, and the fact they're minky, I've decided to go on a quest to collect them all. I have reached the victory of obtaining some of the rare/expensive ones, and barely missed a magical deal on two others. 

PMD (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon)

This was a game that I have to say I enjoyed thoroughly many many hours past the game's storyline's ending. I have even joined a group on DA about them, and it has only led me to love the franchise even more. After I discovered the magical merchandise that was released for this series, it has become a collection of mine.

My side collections

(WARNING: I have too many collections haha)


This collection started with originally just buying that large fuzzy one, and then Piplup started to REALLY grow on me. So alas, I have picked up yet another collection ^^;;

Xmas Plush

I am still not sure why, but there is a huge weakness in me for xmas Pokemon plush. ^^;;;


When I joined this group, I learned about a LOT of Pokemon items that were around that I never knew about until then. One of these being Zukans. Once I found out about this tiny 1:40 scale figures, I fell in love. So I can't say they are a main collection yet, but they are definitely a side one. And a loved one at that. c:

Electric Rodents

I love Pikachu and the rest of his line, but all of those electric mice/squirrels are SO CUTE~! So I have a very modest side collection of them as well. :3

Pokemon Time

The moment I learned of this line was from my friend Tay posting a picture on her blog about the Gulpin and Wailord plush. From that moment on, I learned how cute
this whole line was! I love the artwork of it, and needed to collect all of the merch. I know it'll be hard, but worth it.

And now boys and girls, a little story time. :D

Once upon a time, there was a girl who sought out for a Wailord Pokemon Time cushion. Alas, she lived many miles away from the country they were native to, and had no one who could send her one. She had barely missed pick-ups and watched as many posted pictures of their new best friends. And so she became determined to take what she could! She searched on deputy sites, and bid on one, then she bought one from a man named Brian. She later purchased a large sum of items from that same man, and learned when she opened her box, that he doesn't reset your shopping cart. So she now had two wails in her home. Before the second wail arrived, she had purchased one from a lady named Gin so she could have two and share them with her boyfriend. Sadly, she had forgotten of the first she purchased. So now she had two at home, one on the way, and one forgotten about. Then, she decided to buy her friend one on Ebay for a Christmas gift. To spread the cuddles, to spread the love. So she had it shipped to her home. But alas, she ended up with two coming in on the same day! Due to her excitement, and slightly poor memory, this girl had sought and failed to get a single Wailord cushion at first, but ended with five. 

So before I sold two of them, and shipped one, I took a picture of them all together on my kitchen floor!

And here are the two, Gelato and Sorbet, who still remain here at my home in loving arms with their baby girl Bubblegum.

And that's everything for this update guys!! Thanks for looking, and happy holidays to you all!!

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