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Selling lots of can badges and glow-in-the-dark magnets

Hi guys! Most of the time I cannot be bothered selling things anymore but I've been sitting on a pile of can badges (not literally, they would be dented if I did) since June and hadn't actually opened the box because I was away in June and then I was lazy. Now I have sales for you! I also bought a whole set of Ensky glow-in-the-dark magnets and there were no Cottonees and I was sad, so they are here too. Everything is up for offers under the cut! (AND HEY THESE ARE FLATS THAT MEANS REASONABLE SHIPPING YAY?!)

here are some rules
  • i do not have sales permission because i have been around too long
  • i take paypal everywhere and bank deposit within australia. if you cannot pay by paypal for some reason i also take amazon gift cards
  • all totals are in USD and include all fees (unless you specify bank deposit in which case they are in AUD)
  • i ship by airmail from australia and will ship anywhere, these are flats and will cost about $2.50 to ship in Australia/$3.50 elsewhere unless you buy lots
  • i need a cottonee kid, i may trade for one. also video games
  • please ask if you have any other questions

here is some other stuff about these things
  • please make threads for offers and specify the Pokemon and sheet number (for magnets) in the thread title
  • if you would like to offer on multiple things please make separate offers on them so i can compare offers
  • offers end whenever they die down or i decide to accept an offer, please be ready to pay within 24 hours of receiving your total

Everything is "best offer", the starting offers are the lowest I will accept but please be reasonable!


These are can badges that came out for the Victini movies. They originally came with a ramune candy but you don't get the candy because I ate it, sorry :P Offers start at $3 each. If there is more than one badge of the Pokemon you are offering on please put something about its pose in the thread title (eg. leaping Pikachu).


These are anime-styled magnets made by Ensky. They are cool and can be pretty hard to find even in Japan when they've just come out because Ensky's distribution is less than ideal, and these are even cooler because they GLOW IN THE DARK! Well, the borders do. So that is cool \o/ These did not come with candy, so you don't get candy. (If you're really desperate I might have some gum left from my last lot of these but that was about a year ago so you probably don't want it.) There is a DS cart in the photo for size comparisons. The large magnets are really big!

I would like offers on the smaller magnets to start at around $2, please, and the huge-ass ones to start at around $5. You can offer less than that but those are the lowest prices I will definitely accept. Please specify the sheet number and Pokemon in your offer thread :)


Tags: sales
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