Keep it real folks (cyritic) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Keep it real folks

Quick pick ups #3 reminder ! and boring ol' wants

Okay as the tiltle says quick reminder on pick ups ! I would be going to the store less than 12 hours. Oh and there is only one lapras pokedoll remaining so after the one it would be completly out of stock. And I called the store and a lot of plushies including canvases like vulpix and raichu is going out fast.. however I do plan to do another pick but maybe after 1/9 when my winter classes end.. but I do wish to do one before then... but chances will be low.. ;_; anyways click on the pictures or this to go !  

I'm still looking for paki paki entei plush mwt and a dragonite pokedoll mwt if anybody has one I will give you a good deal on pick ups or buy from ya ~ <3

Thanks guys !
Tags: plush
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