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Pokecen "Dragon Selection" goods campaign

Didn't see this posted on here yet, so I figured I'd put it up here!

The PC website announced a new set of goods being released on January 27th!

From the website: This is a series of collaboration goods from the "Dragon Selection" TCG line being released on the same day! Starting with Rayquaza as a packaging design, the Pokemon appearing in the cards here will be sold in a variety items like stationery with cool illustrations.

The goods list:
Pencil case, pencil sets, erasers, writing mat, ruler, clearfiles (5 kinds), handkerchief, T-shirt (kids), digital watch, shoulder bag, messenger bag, wallet, commuter pass case, TCG covers, TCG deck case.

Mostly school supplies by the looks of it! If there are 5 kinds of CF it seems safe to assume that there will be 5 main dragon pokemon being used for the goods, but there's just the one picture out for now. :O
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