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I am feeling festive... so festive collection update? XD

Feeling festive and a bit like a dork. Here is my holiday tree covered in.. DIALGAS! :) I was going for a silver and blue theme with my tree so I thought I'd toss my Dialgas on there for a photo. Its almost everything I own of 'im. Minus flats and some other things. Some of the items are obscured because they are on the side branches. But yeah.. I am a weirdo. :3

Ignore the plastic bag in the photos on the side. :X I thought I put all my gifts away but apparently not.. lol

I'd list all the individual items in the tree if I could but there is a lot. :X But the newest is the inflatable! I love it so much!! And next newest in that pic is the large Jakks Dialga plush. I got him on eBay for 5 bucks!! And hes in pretty good condition! :3

Oh also, a quick question. How does one keep the bits on the large Jakks streight? I keep trying to bend the plastic back into place but it keeps curling back where it was. :c Do I just have to put something heavy or something on it for a while to keep it bent in the right direction? It makes me sad they are all bendy! Some of the figures do it too. :c
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