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Come At Me Bro [Sneasel + Weavile Wants]

I have been looking to expand my sneasel/weavile collection, but such merch has been pretty scarce on the comm lately.  I have some cash to throw around so I thought I'd make a wants post on the comm before I go to buy off of other sites :9 

^ I drew him in a scarf for you to enjoy.

Now Gimme Gimme Cookies Sneasel/Weavile Stuff!!!

WARNING: Image Heavy
A few things about what I am looking for:

I am not looking for TCGs.  People always go right on over this little bit and try to sell me TCGs... b:  
If you guys have any sneasel or weavile merch that is NOT on my list, I'd LOVE to see 'em~  I'll happily take them off your hands if I don't already have 'em! 

I'm a huge fan of flats/stickers, but although I hoard sneasel and weavile flats, I am not interested in stickers from "Collector" Sticker albums. Example HERE.  Amadas and stickers the "Korean Pop up Stickers" on the other hand, I FRIGGIN LOVE. 
I own all the kids + The Kaiyodo Weavile Bottlecap.  Unless you have a clear kid, then sure I'd like it :3
And before you guys start posting links to sites like ebay and hardrock, I'd like to say that I'm a big fan of buying from the comm, and would like to see what turns up in the comm before I resort to other sites :3  Unless of course, it is a grail,  And in that case, BOMBARD ME WITH THOSE LINKS. XD

Now, without further adieu~

HOLY GRAIL: Sneasel Retsuden Stamper [I will love you SO. FRIGGIN. HARD. D:]

Sneasel Mini Clip Figure
Image © [info]rypeltajaroll

Sneasel Johto Metal Swing [Pictured on the right]
Image © [info]rypeltajaroll

Sneasel/Weavile Coins
Image © [info]_nofuturenohope

Pokemon Time Clearfile/Candy Tin

Sneasel Figure from Jakks Snow Adventure Micro playset
Image © [info]slothyshroom



GRAIL: Weavile Retsuden Stamper [I will love you SO HARD D:]

Weavile Keychain [?]

Weavile Papercraft
Image © [info]slothyshroom

Weavile Keychain [?]

Weavile Pokedoll charm
Image © [info]_nofuturenohope

Weavile Mystery Figures [?]

Weavile Pokeball figures [?]
Image © [info]_nofuturenohope

Weavile Candy  Bottlecap

Weavile Charms [?]
Image © [info]_nofuturenohope

Weavile Figure [?]

Weavile Charm [?] [In nice condition]

Weavile Pokeball Watch [?]
Image © [info]_nofuturenohope


Valentine's Image ©


The only thing Purrloin I'm really looking for right now is the Chupa Chup.

And that's all I've got for now~ :3  Look forward to my next collection post coming soon!  [I know I promised to do one soon last time, but I'm seriously just waiting for my sneasel throw plush to arrive in the mail in a few days]  I promise to buckle down and do a collection post for sure this time! x3;

Hope I can find some of these cuties in the comm before I go buying off of other sites!  Thanks for reading, guys! ;u;
Tags: purrloin, sneasel, wanted, weavile
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