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Wants list - Need help!

My two year anniversary is coming up and I'm going to do a collection update then. I'll show you guys my entire collection =)
But now I'm going to post my wants. The first thing on my wants list right now is this baby:

The I love Pikachu pouch version A
But I've heard it was replaces by these:

Is this true? Is there any change that I can obtain the much cuter Pikachu in the first picture? Or are is all hope lost?
If this is true, I think it is going to be my very first grail... I want it so bad ;_;
Any information is appreciated!

Arcanine in-case figure (picture from Growly)
If never seen this one for sale and the only person I know that ownes one is Growly. So I won't be suprised if I can't get this one any time soon.

Arcanine chibi stamp - pink version (picture from Chibichimp)
Also a very rare figure, I already own the blue base one, but pink is my favorite color! A girl can try ;)

Flareon clear FCS (picture from Ritzyfoxx)

Flareon TFG (picture from Ritzyfoxx)
This one is also a high want, but I'm not sure I'm willing to pay the high price it has been going for lately..

Ivysaur Tomy (picture from Rgmusashi)
The past month I've seen a lot of these on Ebay. But the ones that were a cheap didn't ship outside of the USA. The cheapest one available at the moment (MIP) would cost me around $13.00 shipped. I'm hoping to get one cheaper.

Pikachu mystery dungeon figure

Charmander Hasbro 2004 plush (picture from ?)
I know there is one on Ebay right now, but I feel $30 is too much.

Charmander line zukan, biggest interest is in the Charizard piece (picture from ?)
This one isn't as high of a want as the others. Which also means I don't want to spend that much money on it..

I know most of these items are really rare, and I have money to spend. But some of these are higher wants then others. So it is possible I reject a offer.
Also, I don't use Yahoo!Japan, I only use the community and Ebay to buy my items =)
Tags: arcanine, charizard, charmander, flareon, pikachu, wanted
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