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it. is. TIME.

Hello everyone. I've been nagged about a collection update for a while now, :P
and it's finally ready to be presented, in all its epic, image-heavy glory.

I joined this community in September with little more than a handful of Mewtwo stuff, a $2000 refund from my college, and some high hopes:

Now, 3 months into joining the community and a mere 6 months into collecting, this is my Mewtwo family...

I love each and every one of these guys. They've been with me to college, friends' houses, the Pokemon White theater release, etc etc (though not all at once, of course!) :D

Some collection highlights:


Oh my god. Oh my god this Mewtwo. Someone cut the head off a bootleg Mewtwo Tomy and glued it onto the headless body of a DC Universe figure. IT'S LIKE FRANKEN-TWO. He's so overmuscled he looks like he could pound your sorry arse into the dirt without even using his psychic powers. xD

Mewtwo Zukan

I finally got it, the Mewtwo Zukan :D He's so beautiful and well-sculpted, though I kind of just jammed his foot into the peg thing because I didn't know how to do it. xD

Attack Keychain

This is an AMAZING keychain. It's just so...intense. It's a bit on the soft side, which I like. His foot says Banpresto but I really know nothing about him, since he didn't come with a tag. I won him on Y!J for 100 yen ;)

Mewtwo/Mew Keychain

This keychain is so cartoonish. The pose, the faces...but it works. It's really a cute little thing (and I do mean little - it's very small).

Mewtwo Bobblehead

This was one of my biggest wants, and one day fizzycat PM'd me the link to the whole lot for sale, Buy It Now on Ebay. I was so happy that I bought it immediately<3 HE'S SO ADORABLE. Small too - just over an inch. He's so cranky ehehe~

2002 Mewtwo Hardee's Figure

Funny story about this one. gengareric sent me a PM about a week ago about a huge Pokemon lot on Ebay that had this figure shoved in the back. I took a chance and messaged the seller, and she agreed to sell it to me separately :D (In an even funnier twist, we talked a lot back and forth and she eventually told me she planned to join our community, haha). :3
This is a rare figure, and I like how unique it is. He looks almost nothing like any other Mewtwo figure I've seen.

Mewtwo Berkshire Fashions Plush Keychain

This naked little Mewtwo is one of the rarest of all his plushes. :D He's very simple, and very primitive in design, which led many to believe he was a bootleg. However a fellow Mewtwo collector actually got a hold of a phone number for Berkshire Fashions, called them up and inquired about this guy, and it turns out he's 100% authentic.
He showed up on Ebay BIN for $20 one night just as I was heading to bed. Needless to say, it made my whole night. :3

Mewtwo Backpack Plush

I won this in my very first GA. :D I was SO happy, especially since I had already made an offer on it before the person decided to put everything up in a lot on Ebay xD I've taken to bringing him places with me, especially since he can hold my phone and stuff in his little back zippered pouch.


Skoodge is a DX UFO Catcher. He's named after the character from Invader Zim. :3 I got him "cheap" - a little over $60 on Y!J.


Derp is a white-tailed Banpresto plush. (You can probably guess why his name is Derp). xD
I took a chance getting him from an untrustworthy seller on Ebay, and, almost two months later, I got him all safe and sound. (I did open a dispute in the meantime though, at the advice of you guys :3). He's one of the oldest Mewtwo plushes (13 years old), and having him with a hang tag is pretty awesome.


AHAHAHA look at this thing. It's from a 90's Pokemon parody series called Pukey-mon. DAT ARTWORK. (I got it for 75 cents, couldn't resist adding it to the collection - I feel it represents some of the cultural impact Pokemon had back in its heyday.)

Misc. Mewtwo stuff

This is what you'll see me with most days - my custom Mewtwo hoodie, my Mewtwo ball cap, my purse with a little Oshawott keychain on it, and my Mewtwo Backpack. :3

Custom Mewtwo Painting

My girlfriend painted this for me for Christmas. I was so surprised and happy. It hangs above my collection now. :)

Now on to the non-Mewtwo stuff...

oroark Side Collection

Yup, I've started a side collection for Zoroark. Since her role in the 13th movie, I saw her as a strong female character that Pokemon was sorely lacking. I was very drawn to her design and battle tactics (stealth) as well. :3
Pardon the Mewtwo tin and Lucario Bobblehead that snuck in. xD 
The pride and joy of this collection is my Zoroark Lottery Figure, that you can see in the back. :) She's huge and amazing.

I'll probably do a collection update in-detail for this collection later.

Assorted Interesting Gets/Things

Kid Castle

This is where my Kids live. :)

Clear Celebi Movie Tomy

Gah, begone dust. BEGONE. 
Anyway, I guess this figure is rare? I found it in storage :D

Kyurem Pepsi Nex Figure

Because who doesn't love a people-eating zombie dragon? :D

Suicune Charm

Fun fact: I have a soft spot for Suicune. 

Suicune V-Chip Figure

Lugia SoulSilver Figure

Beautiful figurine. :D

Charizard Play by Play, Palkia UFO Plush, Darkrai Banpresto Plush

Mom found the Charizard in our basement. My brother won him for me many a year ago. :) The other two are just cute. (I also have soft spots for Palkia and Darkrai XD I love too many Pokemon).


Assorted Plushes


Golurk Gashapon Figure

I think that's what he is anyway. I have a Golurk on my White team, so I had to have this. :)

Palkia and Suicune Pokedolls

Suicune is my first NWT (aka not beaten up, played with, or chewed on xD) Pokedoll. :D I was so happy when she arrived, then there was talk of a mixup and I thought I might have to send her back...I'm soo happy I got to keep her. She's beautiful. :)

Audino Christmas Charm


And finally...

Lucario Bobblehead


Lucario is my 3rd favorite Pokemon (after Mewtwo and Zoroark). I had to keep his bobblehead when I got the set of them :3 HE LOOKS SO GRUMPY. HE DOES NOT WANT HIS HEAD TO BE BOBBLED.
But bobbled it shall be >:3

Finally, a little photostory (in video form, to save your computers from erupting with all these images xD):

And that's all for now! In-depth coverage of my Mewtwo and Zoroark collections can be found on my new website,

I love you guys. Thank you for helping me build this wonderful room of Pokemon and joy. :) You have truly brought a happiness to me that I didn't think was possible. ^_^ I'm so glad Pokemon brought us all together.

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