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tohoku REPORT!!! and...junichi masuda?!?!

flatz and me went to tohoku yesterday!!! and what a time we had, we laughed, we cried, we froze our tailfins off!

GAWRSH my eyes @____@ sendai station...

christmas trees! everywhere! flounders love christmas trees.

guess what else was everywhere?


outside the center, flatz found another cool tree to park his flounder butt in!

two weeks to the day after the grand opening, and this is still the line to get in. see that girl with a victini on the screen? i am not sure if it was worlds, or the NYC nintendo world, but they had lots of film looping of american kids sending greetings and words of support and good luck to tohoku. anyone know where they did this? :D

EDIT: it was worlds! awesome info about it! :D

yay! but oh noes! the crowds! but mostly YAY!

arm swept into the baskets. don't worry, they bring more out for the non pkmncollectors :D

tohoku center's first pkmncollector ring-up!

the one girl found flatz in my basket and awkwardly tried to ring him up. flatz, stop trolling the nice people!

after SOME SPECIAL MEETUP... (see below)... we caught a DOUBLE DECKER shinkansen home!! whoaaaaaaa!!!

the fellas! those bells really ring! so much ringing!

if anyone wondered why i so suddenly went to tohoku after saying a few times i probably could not, well. let's just say i got to have a little meeting with one of game freak's founders, the composer of pokemon's music and co-director/director of every single main pokemon game since crystal.

i got to meet, shake hands with, talk to at length!, trade with! and take photos with junichi masuda while in tohoku :D

he clearly remembered my raichu collection on sunyshore from the time he posted it to his twitter, and also my cute lifesize flatz cushion! he signed my raichu canvas plush for me, in return for his kindness of loving my raichus publicly and the signature, i gave him a hasbro raichu i have had for a very long time. like a true pokemon collector, i babbled about how it was never sold in japan, and is a very old toy now, bla bla bla. i am sure he cared so much XD

he later promised me on twitter he would take very good care of my baby raichu. imagine my little hasbro raichu beanie, with such an amazing new papa!! will my raichu get any sneak peeks of new pokemon, new games, new characters? if only i had installed a hidden camera! XD i'm kidding. the fun of such things is waiting to find out what they will be :)

what do you think, does the boss of pokemon having a raichu from the boss of pkmncollectors, make him one of us? i say, yeah! :D

he is not the only amazing pokemon staff (not that he is staff, he's actually THE BOSS... but i digress) that i was able to meet this past week. although not as widely known, TCG collectors should instantly know who midori harada is!

she has illustrated 263!!! pokemon cards, and also has drawn those BEAUTIFUL hand painted maps of all the pokemon regions, the battle frontier, ecruteak city, and more... once you recognize her style you can remember what paintings she has done for the games... :D

we had dinner together, just us and a couple other people, and i was reluctant to make her discuss pokemon the entire time, but she chose to do so herself! :D i brought all the cards i had by her and let her pick her favourites to sign. she also drew a portrait of me!!

thanks to her signatures and dark rush! coming out, i have updated my B/W electrics TCG gallery!

check out my photo with miss harada and the new cards under the cut :D

the fellow is her friend john, who is italian! he was a hoot :D

my signed cards! :D

the new B/W electrics from dark rush! they are all in the chargestone cave, too @_@ coolest!
say, who drew those baby suckies?!

finally, only 3 payments are still missing from the tohoku plushies! please check your total!


thanks so much guys!
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