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Price checks: squirtles, growlithe, gengar, summer deerling, psyduck, marble stuff, and more...

So many things I have obtained recently, but I don't know their worth. Please help me, comm. <3

I really need help pricing these items. I'd like to sell most, if not all of them sometime in the upcoming months and so any suggestions you have to offer would be much appreciated!

Thank you in advance! =)

Gengar pokeball keychain

Not sure what this charmander is. He's squishy, though.

Cute squirtle keychain. Has a switch on the bottom to light up. I don't think it works, but it might (my pika one didn't work for a while but now it does.... dunno.)

MIP Psyduck dog tags

Pokemon Rumble preorder pins; tepig and snivy

Deerling jakks plush. So cute <3

Pokeball Marble Container... Shooter... Thing? I don't know its official name. I've had it a while. It has blastoise in the middle.

The following marbles: Blastoise, Rhydon, Kabuto, Squirtle, Goldeen, Ponyta, Zapdos

MIP Growlithe Dog Tag

On another note, I just made a new batch of pokemon pins and I am rather pleased with myself! What do you think? c:

Thank you in advance to anybody who helps me with pricing! I greatly appreciate any help you have to offer me! =) <3
Tags: blastoise, charmander, deerling, gengar, goldeen, growlithe, jakks, kabuto, ponyta, psyduck, rhydon, snivy, squirtle, tepig, zapdos
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