Dana [AKA Juuchan] (bandanna_boy_17) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Dana [AKA Juuchan]

Plush Collection Update~

Okay, so this is my first collection shots on here for the moment. I'm still working on cleaning up some and finding the rest of my older merch in my room. I know it looks small for now, but this is just a fraction of my Pokemon stuff that I've kept for 15 years! More recently, I've gotten more into getting the plush... and I hope to increase this part of my collection real soon!

Top: Charmander [Play by Play - medium size; wah, I couldn't get out that blue stain... but I still luff it.], Chimchar and Piplup [both Toy Factory - medium; Chimchar was a Goodwill find for 50 cents!]
Middle: Tepig [Korean Minky - thank you gleameyesluxray!], Talking Hasbro Pikachu [one of my Goodwill finds for 50 cents.. with working battery too! No tush tags though.] and bootie!Pikachu [It looks so awful... but it's very soft like a pillow~ XD]
Front: Tepig [Jakks - small], Eevee [Hasbro - small beanie], Piplup and Mesprit [both Jakks - small; Mesprit: thank you, pikachux!]

One is MIA from this shot - my Hasbro Pikachu beanie. I'm not sure where it is, but I'll find it soon... and add it to the collection!

But right now, I like my latest gets!
Especially Tepig! I haven't named him yet, but the little one's Dyna [after my White starter]. D'aww, she really loves her big nameless bro... and he's so soft to touch! Eee, I love it to bits~! Again, many thanks to gleameyesluxray for getting him for me!

Eventually I'll gather all of my other merch [comics/manga, books and strategy guides, posters, apparel [mainly a hat and a shirt] figures, toys and video games, and other random items...] while I do some cleaning. Who knows - I might find some buried Pokemon treasure that I may like to sell off one day. I know I have one of the page-a-day Pokemon calendars and mostly all of the pages... scattered on my floor. XD
I hope you enjoy looking!

- Juuchan/Dana
Tags: charmander, chimchar, collection, eevee, mesprit, pikachu, piplup, plush, tepig
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