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small prime cards auction + pika tree!

First of! A pika tree? Whut? Check under the cut for more! :D

The one on the left is with flash, but the one on the right is how it looks all nice and bright. <3 I originally thought of making it with just pikas. But then somehow amphy got on there, then jolteon, and plusle and minun.... and next thing I know the tree turned from a pika tree to an electric pokemon tree! XD This is actually right when the tree was first put. I've moved plushes around (due to them falling due to the wind... which is why the DX pika pokedoll on top is tied up!!!), cowboy pika has been added, as well as more ornaments... and presents! XD They somehow fit down there. And while it's not really noticeable there are three pikas under the tree and the special medium plusle/minun pokedolls. <3 Next year will probably be all pokedolls. Bwahahahahahahahaha! But yeah. XD

Now onto the auction!

I got one of the espeons, the umbreon, and the typhlosion by mistake. While the other two I got as regular pulls. :O

PKMN Collectors sales permission granted on 09/03/11 by dakajojo (All community rules apply.)

Shipping: I ship from Puerto Rico (USA) to anywhere. :3

All things come from a CAT-friendly house. So if you're allergic, please keep this in mind. While they don't get too close to the things, they do shed so... better to be safe than sorry.

Prices are all in USD. Prices do not include shipping or fees. Shipping + fees for TCGs it's $1 USA or $1.50 international.

I am not responsible for any lost or damaged packages and cannot provide a refund. I would be happy to have the package insured and/or tracked if you are worried about risk.

I reserve the right to refuse sale for any reason. I will also refuse sale to anyone banned from the PKMN Collector's Community.

Please pay within 24 hours of completed transaction. That way I can ship your item as soon as possible. As logic states, I will not ship unless you've paid.

While I do love/adore trades, these five cards are not for trade at this moment.

All cards start at $2.

Do not. I repeat. DO. NOT. Delete. Bids. While this is common knowledge, it's still being done. If you do delete it, you will receive a negative for retracting a bid. If you just bid by accident, just let me know and I shall delete it asap.

Bidding ends December 23rd, 2011 at 11:59pm. Countdown timer/clock over this way: http://bit.ly/snjtFm

That should be all! I hope...
Wait till the threads are up before bidding? XD
Tags: auction, cards, espeon, meganium, pikachu, typhlosion, umbreon
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