Cowbell (kevingeorgem) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Upcoming Birthday wants!

Hello all! I just wanted to say that my birthday is coming up and it's January 4th and I am turning 14! So because my birthday is coming up I just wanted to post my wants list (don't worry I'm not going offtopic xD) well here are my wants list
#1 want: Gastly applause plush (VERY HIGH WANT-this will make my birthday the best one yet ;o; )

#2 want: Ekans applause plush (this will make me very happy!)

#3 maybe some cheap kid figures or anything that is at a low price that's pokemon related :3
( PLEASE forgive me if the pictures don't work or if they are too big. I edited them but they may not work :/ )
Thank you all for everything that you've done for me & being nice to me!
- :) happy holidays my fellow pkmn collectors!
Tags: ekans, gastly, wanted
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