Jessica (tailglow) wrote in pkmncollectors,

first moodafookin' sales post! :)

what's up y'all comm members! just kidding hi. :s
so yeah i can finally dump my junk on pkmncollectors. n__n

  • I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on December 20th, 2011.
  • I ship everyday except for Sundays obviously, from California. :)
  • I accept Paypal and eChecks, but your item will not be sent until the eCheck money is in my account.
  • All orders over $10 will require an extra $.80 for delivery confirmation only if you're in the US. I'm not responsible for items once they're posted.
  • USPS cannot add tracking # or insurance to international orders unless a it was upgraded to priority, which is extremely pricey. For this reason, all non-US orders will be shipped first-class.
  • I reuse my envelopes & boxes. Sorry if you're hate recycling!
  • Orders over $30 will automatically receive 10% off before fees.
  • Orders over $50 will be allowed for a payment plan.
  • If an item is inquired, I will only hold it for 18 hours. However, if you do need an extension, you must be committed or a negative feedback will be left.
  • I do not accept haggling, but I do accept trades and partial trades.

    Meiji Gum! Each piece is $.50, stickers are $.20 each. I will cut them out carefully. Oshawott & Pignite stickers are sold.

    Pokecen Zekrom & Reshiram! $30 each or $55 for both.

    Hasbro Donphan (no tags) -- $8 SOLD
    Jakks Yanma (w/ handtag+tushtag) -- $3 SOLD
    Jakks Mantyke (tushtag only) -- $1 he's deformed.
    Jakks Turtwig (no tags) -- $2
    Bandai Hoppip Friends (tushtag only) -- $2
    Banpresto Pachirisu Straps (tushtag only) -- $3
    Tomy Pikachu (tushtag only) -- $5 SOLD
    Tomy Chansey (tushtag only) -- $8 SOLD
    Banpresto Pichu (tushtag only) -- $6 eyes are scratched.
    Booty Larvitar (no tags) -- $15
    Tomy Torchic (tushtag only) -- $5 multiple stains, loose threads. SOLD
    Jakks Torchic (tushtag only) -- $4
    Pachirisu US Pokedoll (tushtag only) -- $6 kinda dirty. SOLD
    Banpresto Jirachi (w/ handtag+tushtag) -- $15 SOLD
    ty Axew Beanie (w/ handtag+tushtag) -- $8
    Reversible Raichu (no tags) -- $4 missing zipper pull.
    Banpresto Manaphy (tushtag only) -- $7
    BK Magikarp (tushtag only) -- $16

    Celebi Lot! $54.
    Or if you want it separated..
    Talking Celebi -- $30
    Velboa Pokedoll -- $5 fleece is pilled. SOLD
    Banpresto Strap -- $3
    Reversible Plush -- $10
    Movie Finger Puppet - $12

    BK Pokemon World Arbok -- $7
    BK Pokemon World Dewgong -- $7 SOLD
    BK Pokemon World Jigglypuff -- $4

    BK Pokemon World Legendary Bird Set -- $35
    Or buy each one for $15.

    Talking Mijumaru -- $45 (reserved)
    Talking Pokabu -- $40

    Jakks Figures!
    Dewott -- $7
    Sandile -- $6
    Deerling -- $4 SOLD
    Tepig -- $5

    Thanks for looking! But now I need some help with price checks.. xd

    I'm kinda reluctant to let this guy go. :c But I'd like to know his average price? I know not many people are Volbeat collectors but I think this Tomy mascot is pretty rare..

    This fat sleeping Pikachu.. cuanto cuesta?
Tags: bandai, jakks, plush, pokecen, pokedolls, sales, tomy
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