Sarah/Toasty (agkelikos) wrote in pkmncollectors,

looking for: origin forme giratina pokedoll

Sorry for the boring post! I'm looking for one of these Pokedolls but I'm not sure how uncommon they are or how much they are anymore. :c I don't recall seeing one for quite a while now. Earlier in the year I bought a loved one for $10, who was actually my first Pokedoll. I honestly don't mind if I get another loved one as long as it's not like falling apart or has nasty stains that don't come out or something. XD; New one would be awesome too! :3 I don't want to spend toooooo much (maximum $40 shipped perhaps for a new one? But if I'm way out do let me know!). But yeah I don't know how rare they are. ):

I sold said loved one some time after getting him and was unsure of the decision at the time, though I did need the money. Now I'm realising that I actually really miss him because he was a bed buddy of mine. ;~; And I used to pet him a lot because I loved the feel of the different textures on his stripes l-lol. I just... I loved him so hard and need another one in my life. ;o;!

I can pay immediately, obviously Christmas is coming up soon so I don't mind if shipping is delayed because of that. :)

Any help to get a new companion would be appreciated! Thank you <3
Tags: giratina, pokedolls, wanted
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