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It's That Time of the Year! Collection Update Time!

I've actually been thinking about doing a collection update for awhile now but I would always buy more stuff, and I would end up waiting for my items in the mail as I bought more.  It eventually became an endless cycle xD. Well, lately sneasel and weavile merch have been a bit scarce, and as a result I am not waiting for much merch in the mail. I've decided that now is the right time to get off my butt and do an update! [I was going to post this yesterday but it got late and I lost coherence rofl]

I guess I'll start off by re-introducing myself. I'm a college student and as you would assume, I mainly collect sneasel/weavile~ My inspiration to begin collectin' was my boyfriend. His favorite pokemon is sneasel/weavile so I started buying him sneasel/weavile stuff as presents....Annnndd....My, his, our collection began expanding from that point on xD.

I started buying sneasel and weavile stuff sometime in the Spring of 2010 so I guess that's when I first started officially "PKMNcollecting" xD. When googling the net for sneasel and weavile merchandise, I was continously led back to this site. Sometime during February of 2011, I gathered up my courage and joined after I had lurked around the comm for awhile [as is the story with most XD]. 

And although I also collect weavile, my primary focus is sneasel. It's just that weavile is sneasel's evolution so I feel obligated to collect it as well. You can obviously see that my collection is pretty swamped with mostly Weavile as he takes over, due to his popularity and merch that grew after the 8th movie. XDD

I've been pretty active on the comm lately, and my guess is that most comm members who frequent the community chatroom probably know me as "that one annoying Sneasel kid" xDD.

Well, enough of my babbling, it's time to see some sneasel and weavile merch!

Go Takkun!

This is the oldest picture I could find of my collection, it's from April 1st of 2011. This was after I had joined the comm, so I had purchased a few things from fellow members. To give you a better idea of the miniscule collection I had, I used sneasels to cover up any items I has purchased from the comm after I joined. If you take out all of the items that are covered, the result you end up with is my sneasel/weavile starter collection.   

Lucklessprince's collection used GROWTH. Rofl I had to stand so far back to get everything that I could into the shot.  This is my current collection :]


FLATS! GLORIOUS FLATS!  I never would've gotten here without you guys so I will credit who I remember :')

Kakumen Retsuden Kai/ Menko Cards: Top from99reddrifloons Bottom fromlarvitarscar, Weavile Ramune Sticker either came from oi_m  or happyjolteon as they both sold me Weavile Ramune Stickers xD The weekly Weavile card you see came from happyjolteon.

Weavile Calender + Pog + 1x Marumiya Sticker happyjolteon [Have a 2nd sticker from rainyan], Weavile Kid Card pacificpikachu, Korean Pop Up Sticker larvitarscar

Weavile coin from quailien, Retsuden Magnet from larvitarscar, and Massive Pog from happyjolteon [seriously, this thing is the size of my palm! XD  When I first got it I flipped out at how huge it was XD]

Weavile Kid Card 99reddrifloons

Sneasel/Weavile Pan Sticker happyjolteon, Sneasel/weavile Gum sticker: I forget. I remember purchasing one from kawaiikes when I first joined, but my boyfriend's room ate it.

Pokemon Center Stationary dewott, Bromide Sticker, [Lol Headless] Calender Page, Bandai Carddass Card, Visible Amada Stickers happyjolteon, Red Trainer Card sis_strider, Sneasel Marumiya Sticker rainyan, Sneasel kids sticker from pacificpikachu

My Pokemon Time notebook a friend from Japan sent me! <3  I'll probably never write on/open it xD I just need the clearfile and tin now~ And maybe a mint Poketime Charm x3

Ba-Ba-Battrios! I want to play the game someday (´∀`)

I got the "foil" sneasel from haemseuteo, the rest came from a deal with an ebay seller from Japan.

My Weavile marbles! [I needed the battrios to hold them up xD] Full Body Weavile Marble came from a GA that I co-hosted with the lovely roxiired <3

And my charms! <3  Sneasel Pin was from dewott, and the Weavile painted charm was from the GA captainangel hosted, I hope to find one in good condition someday! ;3;

Continuing on, here are my plush!  These guys are pretty cuddly.  All I need are the minky Weavile Pokedoll and DX Pokedoll to complete this collection! 

My Sneasel buddies <3  When I first began collecting, I didn't want the jakks throw Sneasel plush because I thought it looked weird, but after I had changed my mind, they disappeared off the face of the Earth!!! XD I was able to grab one in a cheap lot on Ebay recently, and he is actually my newest get!  I'm pretty glad I got him!  He's so adorable and pocket-size!  Perfect for Adventures for PokeMerch in SoCal Asian Stores!  The lot he came in had these weird playset rocks that were perfect for the photoshoot lolololoz.

Here's a close up of the Sneasel Papercraft seen above.  I'm pretty lucky that I was able to nab these off of juumou's store awhile back, as I haven't seen the larger papercraft before in any collections.


These came from all over the place xD So I can't tell you where each came from individually. I can, however, tell you that one came from pacificpikachu, a lot from a Vaporeon_07 GA hosted by captainangel, and some from happyjolteon xD

Now it's time for my army of sneasel and weavile figures!  This is my gorgeous and huge Posable Weavile Tomy! <3

Kids! Kids everywhere! Top Weavile: "I Am WEAVILE, King of the rock! And there's nuttin' you girls can do about it." These guys came from pretty much everywhere, including Ebay, allinianoctowl100, and haemseuteo

Top Sneasel: "WOO!" Bot Right Sneasel : "YEAAAHHH!" Bot Left Sneasel: "Uh......" White tipped sneasel came from mana_mihara, the rest from Ebay.

Weavile Battle Museum/Pencil topper from larvitarscar, Chocoball/Footprint figure from happyjolteon, and weavile with battle injury [hole in his head] from aleyina xDD

And now onto my favorite pieces of merch from my collection!

Who doesn't love zukan?!  They're so detailed <3 I bought the solo sneasel from Ebay before I joined the comm thinking that it was extremely rare.  I think the user is a member here, gappamaki. The Weaviles came from Ebay, and for the Sneasel/Weavile line, I had to use what I remembered from my high school German class to purchase from a seller in Germany.

Here is my Weavile Retsuden Stamper!  I adore this thing despite it having no ink xD  I really hope to get the other two stampers for sneasel and weavile as well someday!  The Sneasel Retsuden Stamper is my current Grail!

Battle Museum Figures/Pencil Toppers!  I love these things! They're adorable <3  I was actually hesitant of opening sneasel because he was MIP and waited until my next collection update [A.K.A. This one~]. I forgot who I got the aged sneasel from but it was a GA of a comm member's lot.  The Weavile came from larvitarscar and I recently purchased a battle museum figure with a base from koujakai so that Weavile could steal it's base and have his very own trolololo.

TOMYs!  Who doesn't love Tomys?  My very first Tomy was the sneasel on the right.  I bought him off of Ebay before I joined and was amazed at the detail.  It took me awhile to get Weavile, [as he always seemed to slip right between my hands on the comm xD] and the sneasel in the middle is my very first grail get!

I've been after this sneasel since I first started buying Sneasel and Weavile stuff. I saw one for sale on an ecrater site before I joined PKMNCollectors and wanted it straight away. I paid the seller but it turned out that I later found that the seller was in fact the notorious scammer/banned member MimiHottie18/her million other usernames.  Luckily for me I was able to find her Deviantart account and badger her till I got my money back... I often looked on Y!J and posted wants lists in hopes that it would show up, but to no avail.

But not too long ago, I got my sneasel figure, and very first grail all thanks to [info]bluehyaku! He/she sent me a message linking me to a Y!J auction with the movie figure set that my precious Sneasel was in, the kindness shown in this community never ceases to amaze me <3  I watched it and bid on the figure lot via SMJ, waiting eagerly for the auction to end. Another user appeared on the last day and fought me in a bidwar, and a sniper  also appeared in the last 5 minutes.  I had to wake up early [3-4 AM] and tooth and claw my way to victory, but I was finally able to get my long awaited alternately posed Sneasel Tomy! <3 Thank you so much, bluehyaku!  I never would have even found the auction if it weren't for you!

Now, to reveal my current top two favorites! *drumroll*

My Sneasel Pokemon Time shirt!  Merch you can WEAR are even more Awesome~  My friend from Japan sent me this, along with the Sneasel PokeTime notepad and Weavile Pan Sticker. She spoils meeeee <3 ヽ(´▽`)/  I think I want a mint one of these someday [and maybe one that's a little smaller, as this one almost goes to my knees xD]

And my Jakks Throw plush!  He is so CUUUUTEEE! And tiny!  GAH too adorable! d(*⌒▽⌒*)b I love him so!  I take him everywhere with me! These are actually supposed to come with a dusk ball but one was not included with the lot I won. I prefer this pokeball a lot more anyway haha.

Lastly, I've started a Purrloin collection!  Here is my tiny seedling of a purrloin collection, waiting to absorb more merch and grow big someday XD

Behold!  My bootie purrloin pokecenter plush! Rofl An Ebay seller had an image of a Takara Tomy plush advertised for the auction, imagine my shock when I opened my package to find this Bootyloin!  I filed a dispute and got my money back, and also got to keep the bootyloin xD She's very silly looking but will add some fun to the future collection.  Of course I'm still planning on getting the real one someday soon!

As for a sneak peek of any future gets, I'm currently waiting for these babies to arrive:

[I always thought that the colorful magnet was a bit tacky-looking, but I was already buying from the seller so I thought I might as well get it haha]

I was also thinking of creating a collection site :3  Does anyone have any tips?

And here's an obligatory pimpage link of my Wants list~  I'm pretty much looking for anything sneasel/weavile that I don't already own, so if you've got something on my wants list/you don't see in my collection that you'd like to sell me, COME AT ME BRO!

Click Takkun to get there!

Annnnnnnnd that's I got all for now!  Thanks for reading/looking guys!  I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection!  I sure had fun posting it up!  I hope to see many of your collections in the future as well! :D

  CHU   Happy Holidays everyone!
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