Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

life is so unnerving! for a servant! who's not serving!

in the blink of an eye! i've already managed to obtain my main collection items -- kid, zukan, tomy MC and plush -- for the newest electric legendary, thundurus! thanks to him being added, i also totally redid my entire legendary shelf. :D yay!

come see him, along baby sucky?!?!?!?

i added the new bolties to my legendary corner... and instantly felt claustrophobia seeping in. what a crowded mess.

so OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! kind of. i arm-swept them all right out!

and after an hour of reorganizing... tada! the new setup!

thundurus is easily the smallest electric legendary! here are all four .. only zekrom is missing, because he's a game mascot, much more special...he's still bigger than tiny thundurus!

his plush is so well done and amazing! seen here with the most adorable bell plush ever, by flag of course!

but where has that huge plush gone to live? spot the thundurus!!

here he is chillaxing on the comfiest top bunk ever, with some bros before they fly off to their new homes.

as for the rest of my room. it's feeling quite festive if i do say so myself!

but who is that in big sucky's arms???

why if i do say.... it's a SHINY BABY SUCKY MINKY PLUSHIE!!!! my first not-a-bell-plush plushie by flag!! i wanted this baby since he was first made and now he is MINE! :D check him out with his bros!

thus everyone living here in gin's apartment was at peace and silent as a mouse, awaiting the onslaught of jingling of a thousand tiny metal charms clinking together! but we are ready! especially thanks to junichi masuda i feel i can do anything, including getting all the charms, and we shall do it, and it will be good for all!

i do plan to even get extras of the most-requested .... so don't feel too disappointed yet! there is some hope for all the charms! i'll try my best!

and before we bring them home... i have a few "leftovers" sales!

this is tympole MPC and a large-size (9 inches tall!) panpour plush. tympole is a namco exclusive MPC, as well! i hope for 22$ shipped for him, and 30$ shipped for panpour. please comment if you have any interest before i pop them on sunyshore!

i also have these doujinshi N postcards i bought at an event long ago. any N fans interested? i'd want about 5$ per -- and i have two of each :)

Tags: landorus, plush, pokecen, sales, thundurus, tornadus
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