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Collection Update- I'm in prototype heaven!

I have some very interesting gets to show today, I'm very excited I found these. :3

Ever since the whole SnapToys auctions a while back here on the comm, I have been on the alert for more like it- prototypes are rare and awesome, and some hold the only proof we have that some merch even exists, like the Persian plush that never went into production beyond a sample.
Plus my goal that I'm working towards is to design plush for a toy company, so it's extra spiffy to see what sample plush look like.

So I was extremely pleased to find some auctions for prototype plush, I snapped them up!

First off is this really adorable palm-sized Bulbasaur! The seller told me a relative worked for Applause and brought this home for the seller's kid.

It has an internal informational sheet attached to its foot.

Front and back of the paper. It's all legible, easy to confirm information, so I really do think this is the genuine article, and I'm shocked I was able to win it at the price I did. So freaking cool! *__*

He is a reversable Pokeball plush, much like the zippered ones I've seen, except this one closes with velcro. Did these ever go into mass production? I don't remember seeing them around.

His cute underside.

Next up is a lot of multiple prototypes I got! It was so crazy, these two auctions happened within a week of each other. What are the odds?

It's a lot of these cute mini plush with a fabric similar to terrycloth, but softer. Nice embroidered details, the sewing is very neat on all of them.

I'm going to include a lot of views of these guys- supposedly the only thing on them that differs from a mass market plush is the tush tags, the prototypes have sample tags or no tags.

If you own the mass-produced version of any of these plush, if you could let me know how identical they are, that would be great!

After having these for two weeks, I am pretty sure these are the real deal too, but I don't have quite as concrete proof as I did with the Applause plush.

Lucario I am keeping. :)

The aforementioned sample tush tag from Banpresto. Looks like it says "BP-63", but I can't make out the second line. Might be "1:1" plus some other word, to say that the size of the sample is the actual product's size.

A cute Mew appeared!

Combusken for element47, my husband, who needs to make an intro post one of these days :P If you ever see me bidding on random ghosts, psychics, and steel types, it's probably for him.

This guy came with a dirty bum! He probably sat in a warehouse for too long. The stain will come out though, I'm sure. Cut tag on him, maybe he was rejected for being dirty, and cutting the tag was how they designated that?

Jirachi, I think this one also ended up with the hubby. The wishing tags on its head are upholstery-grade pleather.

Sample tag, this one unmarked.

Showing the stitch they used to attach the wishing tags so someone who owns the mass-produced plush can hopefully compare notes with me. :)

Woo my new camera captures detail really well~


Wow, the tail almost blends in with my carpet.

Sample tag!

So that concludes my adventures in Poké-prototypes for today! I'd appreciate any thoughts on these plush, especially if you can provide more evidence for their origins. ^_^
As a point of interest, about half these sample/prototype plush WILL be up for auction tomorrow! I wanted to keep them and start up a prototype collection, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by "stuff" lately, so I'll just keep my Lucario and auction off the rest that element47 didn't want. :D Keep an eye out for it.

Well, here are some other recent gets of mine. :)

THESE MAGNETS. Can you believe I literally screamed a little with joy when I opened the package? xD k1yuu is AMAZING, these are beyond perfect. If you get the chance to commission her, DO IT. DO IT NOWWWWW. I can't wait til slots open up again so I can get a Skuntank and a shiny Growlithe to go with these two. :3 ffffffffffff *explode*

Speaking of vultures, I got these awesome figures! They are most decidedly unofficial/fake, but not bootleg, as they are based off of no existing figures! They're actually really high quality sculpts, and cast from nice plastic. The painting job leaves a little to be desired, but honestly, the base sculpt is what's most important- anyone can repaint a figure. I just can't get over how perfect Mandibuzz is. :)

I picked up a few more from that seller- a fake Herdier and a Mienshao. Herdier is so awesome, and the painting job isn't even half bad. :) He's a nice size.

There was no image for these guys, so I knew I was taking a risk, but I decided to go for it. The paint job is pretty terrible on these, but again, the base sculpt isn't half bad. The plastic feels cheaper than the others though, this is more on line for a fake. But since my favorite skunks never got TOMYs, to get these TOMY-sized figures is nice. You can believe they'll be getting a repaint!
These silly unofficial figures were really expensive though, for what they are- I would only recommend it if your faves just don't get any merch and the fake looks really good like the Herdier or vultures. Your mileage may vary.

Oh, and off-topic for this post, but I was wondering what kind of interest there was for a complete Smeargle plushie collection- I have all four and they are in great shape. No hangtags though.
Also I have a TOMY Mew plush that isn't the 1:1, it's the slightly smaller one. It's hard deciding whether or not to weed things sometimes.

EDIT: Auctions are up now!
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