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Collection update! CANVAS PLUSH ARRIVED! and corny story of plushies LOL.

So it's been a while since I posted an update of my collection. I was gonna do it sooner, but I kept telling myself that I'll do it once I get ___ plushie, but I kept buying more and more plushie and... Erm, you guys get the point... Hehehe. 

So I came home today and got a package from Sunyshore... My Pokemon Canvas Plushies! Oh, yeah... My mom told me that the mailman pretty much knows my name and everything... He's always like... Is Lani home? fffff.... HEY. AT LEAST I KEEP HIM IN BUSINESS. D:<

If you guys remember me from when I first joined [back in June?]... My collection was this:

But as of 12/20/11... It is now THIS:

Oh my goodness. I just wanna thank my ex boyfriend who has spoiled me and bought me the angry Piplup, Reshiram Pokedoll, PokeCenter Oshawott, and Korean Mijumaru for me! He's still trying to help me get that Skateboarding Pikachu, hehehe.
Also wanna thank  for always running and getting plushies for everyone- esp. me LOL. I was super happy when I got these! gleameyesluxray for actually running out and BUYING the Oshawott plushie for me, all the sellers and people who I was in an auction with [esp. godudette hosting GAs!] and of course... My best friend, wish_matrix for telling me about this wonderful community and helping me expand my collection. *__*

PKMNcollectors... You guys rock. <3 I love meeting, talking and buying plushies from you guys! So is my collection complete? Pfft, no. As long as I love Pokemon and cute stuffs and plushies... Then I'm not stopping anytime soon, LOL. Though, I have cut back a little bit compared to when I first joined. I'm still trying to complete my Oshawott collection one day! I can't believe that I actually own the talking Mijumaru plush! ...ONE DAY 1:1 MIJUMARU. YOU. WILL. BE. MINE.

Erm... Before I scare you guys off LOL.
As you already know, I got my canvas plushies today. I always wanted to do something special like this... Where I'll have a plushie of each of my starters for every gen I have played. Of course I didn't know what plushies [I was thinking Pokedolls, but the canvas were so cute, fff... and they're pretty rare... I thought, well... I'll get them!] I know it's a silly, but I've been playing ever since I was 8 years old and had very wonderful memories connected to them... So I wanted to have at least a plushie of my starters! 

I'm a little disappointed how small they are... They look a lot bigger in pictures! But the colors are sooo beautiful and I love how rare and unique they are! I wanted at least ONE in my collection. Am I going to buy more canvas? Most likely not, well... until they make a new gen and I'll buy one of my new starter. Not only that but I think I want my canvas collection to be of my first starters... Makes it special. :]

I have also fallen in love with Pokabu... He's prolly my second favorite starter next to Mijumaru! Ever since the epi where Satoshi captured Pokabu and the RP I did with my ex, I've grown to love this chubby little piggie! I've been wanting to buy a Pokabu doll for so long and lucky me to find 3kame, whom sold me a cheap [and arrived fast] Tepig plushie! He's such a  little cutie! He loves Kamen Rider OOO. xD

Of course, I have a fixation with having to 'complete a set' so I have to buy Snivy too! I'm happy to say that I have completed my American PokeCenter plush starters collection~! I love Unova and all 3 starters!

Anyway... Just wanted to do a collection update and I can't wait for the sleeping Unova plushies... MY BODYMONEY IS PREPARED. Oh and I'm waiting for two more plushies: the DX shiny Tepig and Oshawott [my friend is very lazybusy, so yeah... Hehehe] that my best friends got me! ...Oh and I ran outta shelf space. Seems like I gotta start moving my plushies onto my bed~ 

Note: These was taken before I got my canvas and Pokabu plushies!

The three that sleeps with me. Pika has been with me for over 10 years, so he's a bit dirty. If you guys know or have talked to me, you already know how special he is, since he's my very first plush. Mijumaru is my favorite Pokemon and to have it bought by the guy I love makes it even more amazing. ...And Torchic is just adorable, okay?

That Glaceon was the first plushie I ever bought from the Japanese Pokemon Center! I got all the other plushies [+ the Dragonite one in a bottom row] in that row for 50 dollars in a lot [shipping included]. Not bad, since the Zoroark still had its tag in mint condition! 

Oh and Piplup and Empoleon were my old favorite starter family. I was really happy when I found a seller who gave me a discount on the Prinplup and even gave me that mini Piplup next to Empoleon [I guess they figured I love Piplup LOL] and yes, that is the PokeTch watch and yes... I can fit it around my wrist!

Dragon collection goes rawr?

Needs moar Oshawotts. :/

And that is my plushie collection update! :] Till next time~! 
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