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Mini-Collection update, questions, and a painting! Possible commish~

Hey, everyone! I got some new editions to my crew recently and I wanted to do a couple updates! I will have another big one when the rest of the stuff I have ordered comes in which will hopefully be soon! :D

First of the updates is my big guys! 8D


DX Tomy Eevee, Banpresto Entei, and DX Tomy Houndour!

For questions, for the DX Tomy, did any of the Eeveelutions, Pikachu, Growlithe, Arcanine, Poochyena/Mightyena, or Houndoom get made into DX Tomys or is there a list somewhere that I can search because there are other pokemon I'm interested in, but the list is kind of long so I didn't want to post it all, haha!

Also, for the Banpresto Entei, did they make Suicune and Raikou too?

For the other part of my collection update... My colored mini-fig-thingies! 8D


Pidgey line in yellow, green Sandslash, Orange Eevee, green Abra, Clear Red and Clear Green Growlithe, Red Charmeleon, and blue Ekans line!

I love these guys! Does anyone have any pictures of the other Growlithes or Arcanines? :)

As for the painting, here is the painting I did in my painting class for my 'final exam/project'! We had to bring in something to paint and I wanted to do a Pokemon, so, Eevee it was! :D


She's painted in oil on canvas paper and I'm pretty happy with how she turned out even though my teacher and I didn't notice I was working on the unprimed side of the canvas until the majority of the painting was done, but I think it helped give her a soft look!

I was thinking of maybe taking on paint commissions sometime in the future with the option of canvas paper and the person can put a frame on it or getting stretched canvas. Thoughts? :)

And then, unfortuately, when I went to book buy back, the school only needed one of my books because the other three weren't being used next semester so, I'm linking my sales to help try and get money, haha!
Please take a look! :D
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