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Ok, so, since everybody's doing it.. :P
Just a small wants post. I'm not looking for these items ASAP. If the item is $50 or more, I most likely can't buy it anytime soon (not a whole lot of money left after Christmas gifts and all). For items over $100, I probably can't pay until February unless I can do payment options.. (Praying I get money for my birthday). XD

Also, does anyone have any info on these Pikachus? I saw them on another post here on LJ, but I didn't see any info on them.

Annndd... I can't find the picture... ;.; They're two Pikachus, boy and girl, and their cheeks are touching.. l'm guessing they're for Valentine's Day?

item-price I'd pay. If I offer a price that's too low, just let me know. I don't bite. XD

1:1 Pikachus and Dittochu
-I already have two of these... (the one with his mouth open, and the very first one I believe.. Sorry, but I can't post any images on the computer I'm currently using..). How much I'm willing to pay really depends on which 1:1 Pikachu you're offering and what quality it's in. I don't care about tags or not, and I don't mind plushies that have been loved a little, as long as it's not destroyed. If you do have one, I'd really appreciate images that show what quality it's in.

Zorua and Zoroark Zukans- Around $7-$10 each before shipping (not a clue what these cost to ship.. Don't have any zukans..)
-I think there are 2 different zukans of these, I love both. ^^

Ho-Oh Pokedoll- $20-$25 shipped
-Not a major want, but I'd like to have him to go with my Lugia pokedoll ^^ Don't mind if he doesn't have a tag, but I would like a tush tag.

Shadow Lugia- Around $25 shipped
-For some reason, I just love Shadow Lugia. Is there any more merch on him? I'd probably be willing to buy it. Again, don't mind whether or not he has a tag, but I would like a tush tag.

Christmas Pikachu on Train- $30-$36 with shipping
-For some reason, I haven't been able to get this little sucker yet. XDD I might just order him from SunyShore, but if you have one that you want to give up for cheaper, I don't mind~ XD

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