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Denali Lobita

Prototypes, RemoCon, and Plush Auctions

The prototype plush are up for auction! I also have rare RemoCon figures of 1st and 2nd gen Pokémon, and assorted plushes.

Auction Rules:
-Paypal only, payment due within 24 hours of auction's end
-Ships from USA
-Shipping insurance available at an additional fee, inquire
-No trades on auctions BUT if you think you have something interesting and spiffy for my collection(s) I don't have yet, poke me anyway! My main is Growlithe/Arcanine.
-I can and will combine orders with my non Pokémon sales post here:

Auctions start as soon as the bidding threads are up, and ends next Wednesday, at 11:59 PM EST. EDIT: All bidding threads are up, you may begin bidding!

For information about these plush and how I got a hold of them, take a look at my previous entry:
These are, as far as I know, true prototypes used in the development of these plush.
The Chinese toy factory makes samples to show the client, the client approves, then the plush is sent into mass-production. These are those samples, which means they are truly one-of-a-kind. I don't really know their worth, which is why there are no BIN prices on these.

Change-to-Pokeball Bulbasaur is proof that Applause once was looking to produce their own version of the TOMY reversable mini plushes. :) The paper attached to him confirms his origins, it is rather wrinkled and bent. The plush itself is in lovely shape.
Starts at $25

Azurill! Beautiful shape with the Banpresto sample tag in its tush, and a nylon string on its head.
Starts at $25

Mew! Also in great shape, with the sample tag, and nylon hang cord on head.
Starts at $25

Wynaut! Cute and in awesome shape, with sample tag and string cord on head.
Starts at $25

Size comparison of the Banpresto trio with a card and a Pokémon Kid.

These are really cute Japanese figures that move around with a push of a button. They take 2 AA batteries (not included). Some of them are rather rare!
None of these are in mint condition, they've all got some degree of scratches.

Charmeleon is missing a foot and has paint scratches, visible in the photo.
See a video of him in action here:
Starts at $5

Wartortle is shiny! The figure was made in 1998, so I don't know this is an intentional shiny or not, but you have to admit the skin color is really spot-on. :) He has paint scratches and one of his buttons doesn't work, as seen in the video here:
Starts at $7

Ivysaur does not work, sadly. It has some paint rubs on the bulb.
Starts at $5

Chikorita is bald! No leaf, and doesn't work either. :C
Starts at $3

Totodile has a few rubs on its spikes but otherwise is in good shape. See a video of this cutie in action!
Starts at $10

Rhydon is cute, but doesn't work. Paint rubs on his horn and belly.
Starts at $3

Cubone doesn't work either, but its paint is in a better state.
Starts at $5

Heracross is in good shape and works very cutely. See the video:
Starts at $10

Mewtwo has a few paint rubs on its tail but works well:
Starts at $10

PICHU BROTHERS! I had no idea these existed. :D Even the remotes are a different color to show they're special!
Tufty has paint rubs on the black areas and works well:
Starts at $10

Regular Pichu also has paint rubs on the black areas, and works about half the time. See the video to see what I mean:
Starts at $7

And now for some random plushies and things I don't know the value of... for auction they go too!

Skymin keyring from Japan, paint rub on nose.
Starts at $2

Skymin Banpresto UFO catcher plush, perfect shape without hang tag: Starts at $8

Landmin necklace plush with pouch (change purse?) Missing one yellow felt dot, perfect shape otherwise. Starts at $8

I've decided to part with my complete collection of Smeargle plush. They're being auctioned separately.

Laying terrycloth beanie is in great shape without hangtag, Starts at $12

I decided to keep the Friends plush just now, he was the second from the left. ^_^; Sorry for the incovenience!

Banpresto UFO catcher plush, minky-like fabric, with beanbags in its tush. Great shape without hangtag. Starts at $15

TOMY giftbox plush, the only flaw is one of the felt circles on the paw marking on its back fell off. Starts at $10

Kyogre Banpresto UFO Catcher plush, perfect shape without hangtags. Starts at $8

Charmander Banpresto UFO catcher plush, same type as my prototypes, but this is not a prototype. It has its hangtag, but it's not attached. Great shape.
Starts at $10

TOMY AG Mew plush- not the 1:1 talky, this one is slightly smaller. It's got that great TOMY fur fabric and is very cute. It's kind of hard giving this guy up, no lie!
Starts at $30

These ones are up for straight sale!

Mint in box Snivy reversable plush - $15

Mall Tour Tepig - $8
Reversable Tepig - $13

I can hold the straight sale items for auction bidders, that's not a problem. Just let me know. Thanks!
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