bennybellsprout (bennybellsprout) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update! Lots of pics!

My boyfriend and I went to New York on Monday and we went crazy at the Nintendo Store. There are so many cute new plushies there and we took a couple pictures.

Sadly, we did not get Drilbur, Sawk, Cottonee,or Throh. They were our least favorites, but if we had more money we would get all of them.
As for the ones we snagged here are some pics.

and last but not least,

We also took all of our plushies to take a group pic to show our collection and how it has grown. The only thing that we didn't do was to count them because we are curious as to how many we have. Maybe next time we will once we get some more.

and here are a couple more close ups.

Tags: audino, bisharp, blitzle, cubchoo, drilbur, ducklett, foongus, gothita, mienfoo, musharna, plush, pokedolls, scraggy, shaymin, timburr, tympole, vanillite, woobat
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