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PKMN collecting memories!!

just curious, how long have you been collecting and was the a specific store whee you found the best pkmn items?

ive been picking up stuff since i think around '98/'99, and besides the americanized versions available at say toy'r'us and such, there were a few locations that carried actual japanese products..

one place i used to frequent was called "nintendo: world of games" here in artesia, california. they specialized in, you guessed it, video games, but when the pokemon craze hit, i got tp pick up things like official japanese tomy figures (sux they never got the jynx/mr. mime 2-pack,had to order that out of a magazine, would have LOVED to find those in person) , mini figures,  (i died when i found jynx, and bougth all they had,lol), cards, keychains, paper-craft, all of it... i used to LOVE going there all the time, i charish those memories of going with my dad, now that he's passed. (strange how you miss the little things, no one else would think were special). i remember i was heartbroken when it closed, but thats how it is with small business'..

they also had stuff at the local sanrio/hello kitty shops..but nothing as good as "nintendo"..

do you have any fond memories of collecting? any specific place that was your poke-haunt for collecting?

icy winter wishes,
Madame Rougela
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